20 Years – McDonald’s in Russia!

This image above is the line to a McDonald’s on the first opening day...

Another reader sent me a link of a subject that has to do with Russia. It was actually a very good article about McDonald’s and her 20th year anniversary in Russia! I do not give The New York Times much credit for capabilities to write the truth but in this case they did a good job. Andrew Kramer the author does a fair job off staying unbiased against Russia!

One thing that is for sure in Russia. Russians love their McDonald’s and McDonald’s is a booming business in Russia.
Svet and I always eat out on our excursions to the malls. In almost every mall you will find a McDonald’s. It will be nested in a food court along with 10 to 20 other eating places. The way to find the McDonald’s is just find the crowd of people. 🙂
A free standing McDonald’s is a disaster on the highways due to such high volume of business. We have one near us that is near a entrance ramp on to a big byway and the people will park all over the byway just to get to McDonald’s. We have seen it so bad that 3 out of 6 main lanes with be parking just to eat at McDonald’s. (Yes that is Freeway style road to Americans.)
If you have never experienced Russian roads then you have missed out on an experience of a lifetime. Russians will park anywhere! I mean anywhere to do anything. 🙂
I will say that I am impressed with McDonald’s in Russia. The help is top notch and Management is very well trained. The food is better than in America and I am not the only one that has noticed that. Friends of ours when they come can tell the difference in food quality…
By the way the reason that there has been such ado about McDonald’s lately in Russia is because Burger King has stepped on McDonald’s toes and entered the market here. Burger King is ready to do war and McDonald’s has to learn how to fight in Russia…
McDonald’s has been king for 20 years!
Windows to Russia!
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