-5 this morning…. Coffee Time – “Yessiree Bob”

Good Morning…

Father Frost hit hard last night. The Tiny Russian Village is frozen. The water outside is hard as a rock and the leaves left on the trees are tinkling in the breeze. Yes and the grass crunches as Boza and I walk around…

Winter is officially here…. Or did it ever leave this year? It went like this…. Last winter ended and went to one week of spring, then spring went to one week of summer, then summer went to one week of autumn and winter already came back…

Rumor has it that Old Man Winter went to Egypt and the Red Sea for vacation and had such a good time, got so much rest, that he is ready to go again! Thanks Egypt… 🙁

* * * * *

Today we have to get electricity for the village home done. I think I mentioned about the electric company gave away Sveta’s mothers electric account to someone else? No, then I just mentioned it…. Svetochka has been working to get a new account at the Tiny Russian Village home. They finally, it seems, found another account (some guy had two accounts for the same place) and will give it to Svetochka! I say, “Ring around the Rosie…”

This week will be the week we get the electricity settled, among other things… (Cross your fingers…)

We have always had electricity and paid the bill, but they gave the account away to someone else…. Now that is Russia for you! I love it… 😉

* * * * *

Had to get up at midnight and work on Boza’s eyes. He had a bad night, but we kept him comfortable and he ended up letting me sleep to 4:30 a.m. and that was nice. So I am kinda behind my normal schedule and I do not care!

The sky is already getting light, it is 6:30 a.m. as I write these words on the page…. Boza and I have walked twice, ate breakfast, danced a jig, sang a tune and Boza is now sound asleep by his mommy. I am on my second cup of coffee and it sure is a mighty fine cup of coffee this morning… “Yessiree Bob”

* * * * *

These people are the lucky ones…

[contentcards url=”http://www.worldbank.org/en/news/press-release/2017/10/12/11-billion-invisible-people-without-id-are-priority-for-new-high-level-advisory-council-on-identification-for-development”]

And we want to enslave them, like the rest of us six billion people!

Headquarters‎: ‎Washington, D.C.‎, U.S.A

Run, Forrest, Run!
* * * * *

Combat aircraft of the US and the coalition bombarded Syrian Raqqa…

This is how America spreads democracy and it was against Syria’s wishes and illegal for us to do…
Now we are trying to ramrod money through to rebuild the city and are ignoring areas of Syria that we destroyed earlier. Why?

[contentcards url=”https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201710221058441405-raqqa-humanitarian-aid-coalition/”]

While we Americans are worried about who is dancing with who on the boob tube and who is standing and not standing at the ball games. Our fabulous government bombed city after city into dust and then rushes to rebuild these cities and they did it over a terrorist group that we created…

“Yessiree Bob”


PS: Damn comment system collapsed under the hate attacks from the US… Another comment system bites the dust…

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