The Big Weapons Stink – Turns Out to be Georgia’s Games!

Aircraft with weapons, detained in Bangkok, belongs to Georgia:

On December 12th an aircraft with weapons was detained in the airport of Bangkok. The world immediately announced that North Korea was at fault. As it turned out, it belongs to a Georgian air company – RIA Novosti.

“The aircraft belongs to Georgia, previously it was in the register of Kazakhstan, but on October 7th 2009 was sold to a Georgian air company and excluded from the register in Kazakhstan,” said Radilbek Adimolda from the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan.

The aircraft Il-76 contained 40 tons of weapons, including grenade launchers and portable missile launchers. Weapons were transported under the guise of “well drilling equipment”!

Windows to Russia!
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PS: I realize that no one cares and 90% of everyone will only remember that North Korea was at fault. The truth is North Korea was not at fault… (damage done)