Divergence of Directions on Windows to Russia!

Update on changes on Windows to Russia!

“Windows to Russia” is now fully under the domain http://www.windowstorussia.com. The old domain has been turned into a new blog called “Kyle Keeton Talks About Russia” This title is on http://kylekeeton.com. All 1800 articles are located only under Windows to Russia and the old blog has a clean slate so to speak. It will take Google months to get it all in line again and links are broken everywhere.

I will be posting on the old domain within a week and start separating the two blogs as per purpose.

The “Windows to Russia” will become just that a Windows to Russia that only concentrates on things that affect Russia and or everyday life in Russia! The path will be narrower and more defined. Much more Russian orientated…

The “Kyle Keeton Talks About Russia” will encompass issues that are very much just my opinion and or other opinions that I either disagree or agree with. I will be expressing my viewpoint in various formats – including podcast and video blogging! This blog will have a broader base and will take up amongst other things, the thoughts I have about America and her interference on this side of the world…

Kyle Keeton Talks About Russia: Will be an open comment blog that invites you to express your self and will not be censored. Windows to Russia ended up being shown in many schools across America and I had to keep the cuss words out of the blog. Windows to Russia is a G rated blog and I want it to stay that way.

So that is all for now and hope to see some of you on the new blog under the old domain in the next few weeks.

Windows to Russia!