From Russia: Ukraine Trip Will Last a Little Longer!

Dnepr river in Kiev
Dnepr river in Kiev…

Looks like I am going to be in Kiev until about Tuesday of Next week. Svet has gone home to Moscow for a funeral. Her Aunt died this week and the Funeral is not until Saturday. I will finish up and when Svet shows up Sunday we will tie up all the loose ends and I get to go home, hopefully by Tuesday.

So I am hanging around Kiev. I am waiting for a paper to be telexed from Moscow but like all things in Russia next day is next week. 🙂 Svet is trying to hurry the Russian side up but the Death of her Aunt has slowed things down.

This is all OK but sometimes I just miss my Sweetie and Boza. So I am going to post some articles in the next few days. I am going to take a walk and see what trouble I can get into and take pictures. I think I will do that tomorrow. The river here is frozen very hard and I thought I would check that out. I saw a nut case driving his car last night on the river and the cops were trying to get him off the river before he broke through the ice. The darkness kept me from getting pictures. (Yes – I tried)

Well that is all for now and I will not bore you any longer…

Kyle & Svet

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