From Windows to Russia: Ukraine and Her Lies on the Gas Issue!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Update this morning on the gas issue:

Ukraine keeps telling everyone that they have enough gas. Well they just shut the gas off to the Crimea. It seems the Crimea has its own gas supply that the Crimea runs their little area on. Ukraine has now taken Crimea’s gas. Crimea is in an uproar and trying to get their gas turned back on. Seems that Kiev is hurting so bad for fuel that they have resorted to stealing Crimea’s fuel. Other words Crimean gas has been redirected to Kiev!

It also seems that Ukraine can move gas all over Ukraine but will not transport gas to the European Union with out free transport gas from Russia. So it is as Gazprom says, another lie from Ukraine.

According to sources from Moldova and Bulgaria, Ukraine never sent gas to these countries like they promised. The fact is Ukraine does not have any gas and they are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Our hotel room is running just a few degrees above freezing and it seems to be the fact over the whole hotel except in the lobby where you check in. We sit here in the lobby working on an article in nice warmth and you step on to the elevator and the freeze starts. Seems to be the norm in all businesses we have gone to in Kiev.

One of the big issues in Kiev is the price of gas for cars and on the news gas (propane) is called “Gold” and you must stay in a queue (line) for days to fill up your tank. People use spend 12 hour shifts in the cars just to get gas. many cars in Ukraine run on gas and now the people not able to get it.

Discontent is huge in Kiev and looks like it will get worse everyday. I just told Svet that we need to get down with our business and get home. Ukraine’s government looks to implode at any minute.

Kyle & Svet

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