I watched as an outsider (Constitution of Russia Vote 2020)

Good coffee by the way!

It has been interesting and I have been very silent as I watched it all happen. Remember there is a time to mouth off and a time to observe…

The outcome is exactly how I have talked about Russia for many many years now. Same sex marriage issues, Putin issues and or respect for Putin issues, time to kick out a western based constitution from the drunk patsy Yeltsin era, liberal issues, what path to the future to take issues, so many more than what the western press has spouted about….basically all you would hear in the west is Putin Dictator!

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Russia’s Central Election Commission estimates that 78,04 percent of voters approve of amendments to the constitution, with 95,61 percent of ballots counted.Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) head Ella Pamfilova said on Wednesday that, according to the preliminary data, almost 65 percent of Russian citizens cast their ballots in the vote on constitutional amendments. “According to our preliminary data, the turnout was 65 percent of the voting participants included in the list,” Pamfilova said.The CEC chairwoman noted that the extremely low number of violations were detected in the course of the vote, adding that the online format of voting that was available in Moscow and the Nizhny Novogorod Region proved to be popular among their residents.

Source: Russian Constitutional Changes Approved by 78,04% as Over 95% of Ballots Counted – Sputnik International


The outcome of Russia’s ‘national vote’ on a series of amendments to the constitution serves to reaffirm that most Russians want the country to plow its own furrow, regardless of what outsiders think.In the end, the margin was huge. Exit polls suggested around 70 percent of voters said ‘yes’ to 206 amendments to their constitution, and close to 30 percent rejected the changes. Official results put the ‘yes’ vote to above 78 percent, with 99 percent of ballots counted.Even Moscow liberal political organizers conceded that their own exit polls showed the capital had supported Vladimir Putin’s proposals. What’s more, those tallies revealed how a majority of voters in numerous Moscow districts with opposition-controlled local councils had backed the ‘yes’ side.

Source: Overwhelming support for Putin’s constitution changes a wake-up call for Westerners who claim Russian system is bound to collapse — RT Russia News

I was silently stunned at how long they worked the voting system. It is a good system and allows all who really want to vote to do just that, Vote!

Even in the Tiny Russian Village, which only has one registered full time voter, Vova. Was brought to him the official voting box and four officials. I watched the silver Volga drive up the hill and went for a walk…

I just watched as masked officials against the King Corona went to Vova’s home and explained the system and allowed him to vote. I stayed silent about all this even to my sweetpea. I did not want to get involved in something as serious as a constitution change. No matter how needed this change was, the people deserve to have their say in it and they did….it was not up to me to try to sway anyone and anything. My sweetpea took it serious and that is how all the Russians took it…

They (Russian Government) tried its best to get to all who wanted and or cared to vote. They really wanted the people to have their say and they did…

This was not, contrary to western propaganda belief about a dictator. This was about the Russian people getting off the immoral and devastating track of western influence in their lives. This was about sowing their own field and tending their own garden. Not someone else’s…

I am proud of Russians and I am proud of my sweetpea. She did not ask my opinion and did not push me to express about what was going on. She took this very serious and so did millions of other Russians. They had a vote going on from June 25th to July 1st. It encompassed from online voting to go fill out the ballot at the precinct station. It was a no pressure issue. Just vote please…

I guess you could say; I definable think the same as 80% of the Russians and thus I really have found my home in this twisted mixed up western propagandized world…

Basically what it was about:

A. The Russian Constitution should take precedence over international law!

B. State Duma (the lower house of Parliament) should have the right to approve the Prime Minister’s candidacy (currently it only gives consent to his appointment). The State Duma will also be able to approve the candidates of Deputy Prime Ministers and Federal Ministers; the President will not be able to refuse their appointment, but in some cases will be able to remove them from office.

C. Persons who hold “important positions for ensuring the country’s security” (President, Ministers, judges, heads of regions) should not have foreign citizenship or a residence permit in other countries, either at the time of their work in office or, in the case of the President, at any time before.

D. A presidential candidate must live in Russia for at least 25 years (currently 10 years).

E. The Federation Council (the upper house of Parliament) will be able to propose to the President to dismiss Federal judges; in some cases, the Federation Council, on the proposal of the President, will have the right to remove judges of the Constitutional and Supreme courts.

F. Heads of law enforcement agencies must be appointed by the President in consultation with the Federation Council.

G. Minimum wage cannot be lower than the subsistence minimum and regular indexation of pensions.

H. Consolidation of the status and role of the State Council (at present it is only an advisory body and is not prescribed in the Constitution).

I. Granting the Constitutional Court the ability to check the constitutionality of laws adopted by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation at the request of the President before they are signed by the President.

J. Remove the “in a row” clause from the article regulating the maximum number of presidential terms, discounting previous presidential terms before the amendment enters into force.

K. Defining marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman.

L. Enshrine the status of the Russian language in the country’s Constitution.

What it shows is how screwed up the Yeltsin constitution was. Yes Yeltsin was a patsy for the Western Empire and a drunk one at that…

Good job Russia…take your own path and plow your own fields…


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