In Russia – Mother Nature Was Exceptionally Beautiful This Morning!

This morning while Boza and I walked, we noticed a huge difference in the cold. It was very cold and all the trees had a very delicate icy crystal covering. (Not a solid sheet of ice.) I tried to get close enough to get a good picture but just walking near the limbs made the crystals vaporize from the heat that came from me and Boza. So nature had reached a delicate balance of temperature that was easy to upset

Boza had a hard time walking around this morning also. His feet were just too cold and he tried to stick his nose into the snow but the snow is so dry and cold that all he succeeded in doing is coughing a lot. He had a funny look on his face!
So even though the news said it was only -23 centigrade (-9.4 F) last night, it seems to me that it had reached a different combination of elements and it got super chilled. (So to say!)
So to say the least – Boza decided to do his business quickly and he beelined for home whether I wanted to go home or not. 🙂
That is so cool… (pun intended)
Windows to Russia!
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