July 7th, 2009: Beginning of Conversation Between Medvedev and Obama!

July 7, 2009,
The Kremlin, Moscow

Beginning of Conversation with President of the United States Barack Obama

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA DMITRY MEDVEDEV: This morning, I recalled some of the things we discussed yesterday, and I came to the conclusion that our time was not spent in vain. Today was much easier for me, because over the course of five hours, you attended a large number of meetings, and I even had a chance to see some of them. I really enjoyed your speech at the New Economic School, where you provided a systemic outline of Russia-U.S. cooperation and your views on global developments. We will also have an opportunity to talk to the business people today. That means that this visit has been very substantial in every respect, and has covered all elements of Russian-U.S. cooperation: foreign policy, bilateral relations, the economy and the humanitarian sector. This is very good.

The two of us are getting prepared to go to Italy, where we will continue our discussions.

PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES BARACK OBAMA: We had a very good day today, building off the very productive meetings yesterday. I had a good conversation with the Prime Minister, and I think that his approach to these issues is very similar to yours, and I think that we have the potential of doing some very important business together.

And seeing the young people today receive their diplomas was very encouraging. I saw your young finance minister there, and economic advisor there. And I think that you’ve got a lot of very talented young people who I think are going to be doing great things for Russia.

So, I continue to thank you for your extraordinary hospitality. I’m looking forward to having a chance to meet some additional officials during lunch, and then I think the business meeting this afternoon will be very productive because I think both Russia and the United States have an interest in expanding our commercial relationship, so I thank you for the suggestion of bringing these business leaders together.