The Korean Times Apologizes to Russia!

I want to thank The Korean Times and a comment that they left on one of my articles. This one…

Russia Upset With South Korea!

This article went off the scale with hits and got out to a huge audience all over Asia. The article printed below is from The Korean Times and is an apology from the Editor. It was also posted in the comment of the article on the above link. The comment was from the IP of The Korean Times…
04-07-2010 18:32
The Korea Times carried two cartoons depicting the bomb attacks on the Moscow metro on page 9 of its March 31 and April 2 editions.
The cartoons are part of a syndication service from a cartoonist based in Bangkok, Thailand, which is used by more than 20 countries, and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of The Korea Times.
It is regrettable if the cartoons aroused any negative feelings in Russians or any other readers.
We want to make it clear that the publication of the cartoons was not intended to insult or outrage Russians.
Our position is that any form of terrorism cannot be justified under any circumstances in the world.
We extend our deep condolences to the innocent victims of the tragic incident and their families and express our deep regret for any distress that has been caused by the publication of the cartoons.
We hope that Korea will deepen its friendship with Russia on the occasion of their 20th anniversary of diplomatic normalization this year and we will also do make our utmost efforts for this goal. ― ED.
I will say that I really think that The Korean Times is sorry for the slip up and that in the future they will have a better grip on syndicated news items about very sensitive subjects.
So since I jumped on them for being insensitive to Russia. I will also say thank you for the retraction and explanation of what happened…
Windows to Russia!