Kruzenshtern in the North Sea Sailing Race from Antwerp in Belgium to Aalborg in Denmark…

Krusenstern horiz
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I have talked before about the second or first largest sail training Tall Ship in the world? It is called the Kruzenshtern.  The Russian Class A Tall Ship that is sailing in The Tall Ships Race called The North Sea Sailing Race as we read at this moment…

The race goes from the start in Antwerp, Belgium, to end in Aalborg in Denmark.  The event lasts from 10-13 of July to 21-24 of July.

The Tall Ships Races are an annual event that bring together a large number of the world’s sail training Tall Ships so that young people can experience the fun and excitement of sailing together in friendly competition. A key rule of the event is that 50 percent of each vessel’s crew must be aged between 15 and 25 years. The sail training experience allows young people to understand the need for teamwork and find strengths they didn’t know they had when faced with the challenge of sailing a Tall Ship. The combination of in-port activities, cultural exchanges, sailing with like-minded young people and friendly competition makes The Tall Ships Races a favourite adventure activity.
That is so cool…

Russia has what is considered one of the premier Tall Ships and is very proud of the Kruzenshtern. Below is a link to a previous post about this ship.

I really believe that this is one of the greatest things that we can do for young people and the day we stop events like this we have lost a real part of our heritage. We need more ties to the past and they way things were done from the days ago…

The world has become too dependent on electronics…

Windows to Russia!

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