Russia is being Beat up by Mother Nature…

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I see Russians play chess in freezing weather but right now I can not find any out playing chess. Why?

Because to this part of the world it is hot, very hot and I can not fault them, because they are not use to it. I find it wonderful and very much like the weather in Arizona or New Mexico in America. It is hot but dry and I can breath good and still function.

I found this excerpt from another article that talks about a regulation in Russia on work days when it is hot:

According to the regulations of the State Sanitary and Epidemic Inspection, work in offices at +30 should last just 5 hours, each new degree shortening the working day by 60 minutes up to +32.5 when it is not a working day any longer but one working hour, as official documents set out.

30 C is 86 F for us Americans so by around 90 F you are not suppose to be working at all. That is cool…

Now this rule, as they have just found out this year, can not be followed very well. Because if they did, all productivity would cease for a long awhile this summer. But this rule goes to show you that a good portion of Russia does not get this kind of heat for very long at all…

It is what you are use to and Russians are not use to this heat. Now I am not saying all Russians, because down South in Russia I can attest to the fact that they get hot every year.

But this goes beyond just heat. The rain has ceased with it and now we have reached the point where the last drought this bad was 40 years ago. So times are interesting…

I find it very nice here but I would like a little discomfort and have some rain falling. That means humidity and that makes it harder on me.

But that would be fine because it would cool down and the crops would be saved and the guys would come back out to play chess… 🙂

Windows to Russia!