Liver and or Hearts in Sour Cream recipe…

Liver and or Hearts in Sour Cream recipe. So good and so rich, but also a inexpensive type meal to fix. You either like liver/hearts or you don’t and for those that do, yummy time…

Russians love foods like this. First off it uses the most beloved sour cream and then it allows cheap good high calorie food for the harsh winters…

1 kilo, Liver and or hearts (Cow, chicken, turkey, duck, lamb and pig….I just use a mixture of chicken hearts and livers.)
3 ea med. onions diced (A couple of diced up garlic toes is good also.)
1.5 cup sour cream (20%)
5 tb butter (real butter)
2 cup beef stock (I use beef bullion cubes.)
2 tb dill freshly chopped
2 tb flour
Salt & pepper & garlic to taste

1. Wash and drain well the meat.
2. Cut large pieces into smaller pieces.
3. Sprinkle each piece of liver/heart with salt, garlic & pepper.
4. Roll in flour and place in buttered skillet. Fry (medium heat) until done turning at least once. (I like mine brown and almost crispy crusted!)
5. Saute’ the onions until translucent golden brown and then mix both liver & onions in separate bowl.
6. Add the beef stock to the skillet still on medium heat, where the liver was fried, stir well and then add the sour. cream, stir and make a sauce. Do not scorch. Just mix well and get it all good and hot.
7. Then add back to the skillet (to the sauce you just made) the liver and onions, from the bowl, back to the skillet…
8. Mix well and cover with lid. Turn heat to very low and allow to simmer.
9. Cook slowly over very low-heat for 20 minutes, uncover, stir well, keep an eye on it, re-cover and cook for 10 to 15  more minutes. This is to thicken the sauce. Always watch, dairy products scorch easy and ruin the flavor…
10. Remove liver from pot, arrange in individual bowls and pour all excess sauce over the slices.
11. Sprinkle with the dill, Russians do, but your mileage will vary with dill! (Parsley is okay!)

Very good when served with a side of Buckwheat is the norm for Russians. But boiled, mashed or fried potatoes or rice and even noodles is great and a good choice also…

Should be served hot and fresh, but it is still good warmed up the next day…

I like it cold…


PS: This is great to even use chicken gizzards and make it…

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