Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin

The article below sums it up much better than I could do. It tells it how I see it and is very well informed. This is a good read…

It came as the biggest shock of the day on Wednesday. The Russian government resigned. The day before President Vladimir Putin gave his State of the Nation address and outlined a slate of constitutional changes. That speech prompted an overhaul of Russia’s government. Putin’s plan is to devolve some of the President’s overwhelming power to the legislature and the State Council, while beefing up the Constitutional Court’s ability to provide checks on legislation.

Source: Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin

The US has just been flabbergasted since Putin did this. It has sliced the western 5th Column off at the knees. They will still try to crawl, yet they will bleed out as they try to crawl…


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