Russia and China Have Agreeded to Disagree on Sanctions…

I doubt China and Russia will ever be much help to the EU and the USA in sanctions against Iran again, or for that matter any other country that America targets with sanctions..

China has joined Russia in denying support to the latest batch of European Union sanctions against Iran.

In a statement from its Foreign Ministry Friday, it argues that nuclear disagreements with the Iranians must be resolved through diplomacy, rather than new unilateral punitive measures.

The sanctions in question were announced last Monday, after a Brussels meeting of EU Foreign Ministers.

The sanctions in it target Iran’s oil and gas, banking and transportation sectors.

Russia says they compromise efforts by the Security Council’s Permanent Five plus Germany to establish a productive dialogue with Iran.

Gee and I have said from the beginning that games are being played by America and before it is over Russia and China will be pulling out of the sanctions all together. I have heard Medvedev state a dozen times here in Russia, “That is not what the council agreed upon…”

Sanctions that are based on lies and deceits to get them accomplished are worse than what the country that they are against has done…

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