Russia buys gold non-stop… (04-25-2019)

Russia buying/mining gold, is relentless and there is a reason…

Gold reserves in the reserves of the Central Bank of Russia for March increased by 0.87%

MOSCOW, April 19 – PRIME.

The monetary gold amount in the international reserves of the Russian Federation in March 2019 increased by 0.87% (+18.66 tons) and as of April 1 amounted to 69.7 million ounces (2167.91 tons), according to statistics of the Bank of Russia.

In January-February, the bank purchased 37.32 tons of gold, so the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the first quarter of 2019 already purchased a total of 55.98 tons of monetary gold for the gold reserves.

The value of gold in reserves in March decreased by 1.78% – to 90,011 billion dollars on April 1, 2019 from 91,641 billion dollars on March 1. The share of gold in international reserves also decreased – to 18.45% from 18.99%.

The physical volume of gold in international reserves in recent years has grown steadily: at the beginning of 2007 gold reserves amounted to 402 tons, in 2008 – 450 tons, in 2009 – 519 tons, in 2010 – 637.6 tons, in 2011 – 789.9 tons, 2012 – 883.2 tons, 2013 – 958 tons, 2014 – 1036 tons, 2015 – 1207 tons, 2016 – 1415.2 tons, at the beginning of 2017 – 1614.3 tons and as of today it sits at 2167.91 tons.

It should make you think about the big picture…

I asked why and have been watching.studying this happening….and I know why…


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