Russia: Medvedev Deals with Animals from the West / Putin Deals with Animals from the East!

Today while Medvedev was laying the ground work for the five main points of Russia’s future foreign policy: Putin was running around Russia chasing big Cats……

Medvedev: Outlines Five Main Points of Future Foreign Policy!

The five points, Medvedev said, were:

1. Firstly, the superiority of the fundamental principles of international law.

2. The second point was that the world must be multipolar.

“A uni-polar world is unacceptable,” said Medvedev, adding that Russia could “not accept a world order where all decisions are made by one side, even such a powerful one as the U.S.

“Such a world is unstable and threatened by conflicts,” he added.

3. Thirdly, he said, Russia does not seek confrontation with any other country.

Russia is not looking for isolation,” he said. “We will develop, in as much as is possible, friendly ties with Europe, the U.S., and other countries in the world.”

4. Fourthly, Russia will protect the lives of its citizens, “wherever they are.”

5. The fifth point was that Moscow would seek to develop ties in friendly regions. (Link)

Putin Saves Journalists from Tigress!

Vladimir Putin has rescued Russian TV journalists from a tiger attack by tranquilising it with a dart gun. The Prime Minister was visiting Ussuri national park in Russia’s Far East.

The five-year old Amur tiger was trapped by researchers of the Russian Academy of Science.

Vladimir Putin, who is on a working visit to the region, arrived at the reserve on a helicopter. There he met with scientists working on research and preservation of the Amur tiger – one of the rarest predators on the planet. There are only about 450 big cats in Russia.

‘Vesti’ TV channel journalists, who were waiting for the Prime Minister at the site, just five meters away from the animal, didn’t notice that the big cat had freed itself.

They could have been attacked, but Putin reacted quickly and used the dart gun to stop the animal.

Whilst the Amur tigress was sleeping, the premier put a GPS-collar on her neck and, together with scientists, measured her length from nose to tail tip.

Finally, Putin kissed her and said: ‘Good bye!’ (Link)

Interesting, how come Putin gets to have all the fun?

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