Russia Visa Free With South Ossetia!

This is one of my favorite pictures!

It is official: Russians have visa free travel with South Ossetians. Svetlana thinks this is cool because we can travel there no with no hassles. South Ossetia is a beautiful country and will make a good trip coming up in the next year.

This has caused Georgia to get all red faced and make strange angry noises! (Really – they did not like this visa free thing…)
Every step that Russia takes is just one more conformation of non re tractability by Russia. Even though Russia has said, we do not and will not ever change our mind on South Ossetia. Georgia has insisted that South Ossetia is an intricate part of Georgia! I think that Georgia should have thought of that before they went and tried to level South Ossetia to the ground with Grad Rockets and tanks!
Georgia screams, “Russia violates the International Standards!”
It should be unnecessary to mention that the recognition of the two former Georgian republics was triggered by nothing else but Georgia’s violation of the same international standards in August 2008!

Post by Kyle Keeton
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