Windows to Russia Says: China Will Not Support Sanctions Against Iran!

If sanction support from China against Iran was even a consideration at any point. That point is gone. America has sufficiently pissed China off to exclude any form of help for at least a year on the political front. I read the Western press and their stories how China and America go through this all the time. I read how this is really no big deal… (Ok…)

I hate to pass on the news but what I hear coming from China and Asia is not good and America has awakened a normally quiet semi-foe. China does not jest this time when she says, something that resembles, The Reciprocation’s will not be pleasant!
So while the USA throws out her chest and says: China will adjust her currency, China will learn about trade laws, China will have Human Rights, China will help on Iran, China will not worry about arms sales to Taiwan and China don’t worry that Obama will meet with Dali Lama no matter what you think!
China has a quiet disposition and the patience that America has no understanding about. China will wait for the right time and retribution will be much worse than a bunch of ill timed words that stir up trouble…
Besides Russia has not changed her mind and will not be backing these sanctions either. One thing about Russia is that they can express a worry without having to feel they must carry through after expressing that worry.
China and Russia are much too involved politically and financially with Iran just to turn their back on her. Also when America is seen as a bigger issue and threat to the world than Iran…
Funny thing: Seems like America has pissed Russia and China off on purpose in the last few weeks. Could they then feel free to blame Russian and China for an ensuing attack on Iran nuclear sites? With the huge build up of warships near Iran… (No Support, so we had to do it to ensure the safety of the world! All Russia and China’s fault…)
Makes me go Hummmm!
Windows to Russia!
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