Russia: Visa Registration Update: July, 2008!

Hotels Will Register Foreigners
The Russian Federation Council approved a law Friday that would allow hotels to register arriving foreigners. Now only migration records agencies and the post office can register foreigners. The new law would make registration easier for foreigners, claimed chairman of the Federation Council Constitutional Committee Alexey Alexanderov at the session on Friday.
To speed up the process, it is proposed to allow hotels to stamp migration documents to show a foreigner has registered at his place of habitation. When a foreigner arrives at a hotel, he will fill out a form to be recorded on the migration account. The foreigner will receive a part of the form with an authorizing stamp. Now all hotels can do is fill out a form that is then sent to the Federal Migration Service to be stamped and returned to the hotel.

Hotel administrators spend a lot of time on filling out and transporting FMS documents because the FMS is unable to register foreigners in good time.