Russian News: November 21st, 2008!

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RBC, 21.11.2008, Moscow 12:19:49.Credit organizations’ debt arising from unsecured loans granted by the Central Bank stood at roughly RUB 1.115 trillion (approx. USD 40.4bn) as of November 21, the Bank of Russia reported today.

RBC, 21.11.2008, Moscow 12:12:41.During today’s plenary session, the Russian State Duma adopted a presidential amendment to the Constitution regarding the Duma’s control over the Russian government. The bill was passed unilaterally.

RBC, 21.11.2008, Moscow 11:49:23.The Russian State Duma has approved constitutional amendments in the third and final reading. The document extends the terms of the president and State Duma deputies from four to six and five years, respectively. The amendments were approved by 392 deputies, while 57 voted against the bill. None of the deputies abstained from voting.

RBC, 21.11.2008, Moscow 11:15:11.A Russian-Montenegrin intergovernmental agreement on visa-free travel, signed in New York City on September 24, comes into force today. The document allows each country’s citizens holding valid international passports to travel to the other country without a visa and stay there for up to 30 days. Citizens having a permit for temporary or permanent residence will be allowed an unlimited visa-free stay, while holders of diplomatic or special passports on short business trips will be entitled to a visa-free stay for up to 90 days.

RBC, 21.11.2008, Moscow 09:58:47.Russian President Dmitry Medvedev begins a series of visits to Portugal and Latin American countries Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, and Cuba today. During his short stay in Lisbon, Medvedev will discuss with the Portuguese leadership such matters as Russia’s cooperation with the European Union and expanding bilateral relations.

RBC, 21.11.2008, Lima 09:25:07.Russia has allotted $0.5m to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum’s support fund. The contribution will be used to support APEC’s operations in 2009-2010 aimed at strengthening human security and developing science and technology, according to an official statement issued by the forum. This relates specifically to the development of natural disaster prevention systems and modernization of disaster relief infrastructure.

RBC, 20.11.2008, Moscow 15:23:48.The Russian government is doing everything possible to prevent a repeat of the 1991 and 1998 economic shocks, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said during the 10th United Russia congress in Moscow today. Granted, like many other global economies at the moment, Russia is in a difficult situation where it is affected by many economic factors it cannot influence, Putin said, but the government is doing everything to avoid another collapse.

RBC, 20.11.2008, Moscow 12:39:06.The 10th congress of the United Russia political party has opened in Moscow. It is chaired by Russian Prime Minister and the party leader Vladimir Putin. President Dmitry Medvedev is also projected to participate in the event.