Svet Sunday: Russia remembers Great Patriotic War!

Today we remember victims of Great Patriotic War (how we call WWII in Russia). It started 22 of June 1941 at 4:10 am fascists cross the border of Soviet Union near Brest.

That’s how Russia Today describes it:

One of the bloodiest pages in the history of Russia and the former Soviet countries is being remembered today. On June 22, 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The four-year-long war claimed the lives of nearly 30 million Soviet people.

The motto of the Soviet Union was to stop the enemy at all costs – and the cost was immense.

In the first three weeks of the war the Red Army lost almost a million of soldiers.

Today I offer you to watch this video. You’ll see how diffrent people met this day 67 years ago:

We’ll always be thankful to people who fought the War.
We’ll always remember victims of the War…

Please, be happy just because you are alive!

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