Tidbit Time: Wrens…

I wrote about Wrens that stole my gate in the front….Well,I blinked my eyes twice and the babies are gone and flying all over the yard. A Wren it seems, lives on average about two years old….I guess that is better than a mouse that lives to be on average one year old?

Breeding starts in late April, onwards. It nests in almost any type of hollow or cavity from ground level upwards, but prefers the side of a tree, a steep bank or a wall, up to a height of three metres. The nest is built by the male, as he is often polygamous, he may build a number of nests and install females in them. The nest is a stout dome structure made of leaves, grass and other plant material, which the female lines with feathers. Five to eight eggs are laid (occasionally up to sixteen). These are glossy white with very fine, dark spots. The female incubates for fourteen to seventeen days. Both parents tend the young.

Source: Wren Birds UK, Food, Nesting Habits & Facts | Ark Wildlife UK

Therefore the gate is usable again. I will watch for the signs that mamma wren may have another nest, but right now she is a busy bee and feeding the monkey birds…

Just some tidbit news and man ole man, that was fast. yet their lives are that fast….can you imagine if we only lived two years?