We made it! Still Alive… (TRV)

By | January 15, 2017

All I will say is this; It was a rough walk and if this had been two years ago. I would not have been able to do it. I have healed that much and other than sweating like a stuck pig, in 10 below zero weather. I did fine and my Sweetpea Svetochka, followed in my path and enjoyed life tremendously! (No, she actually had fun!)

The best way to describe the landscape that we crossed?

It was a rolling sea of snow! (And we were not on the shoreline!)

The is the thing about Russians; The harder life gets? The more fun they have, with what they got! It is hard to deal “bad cards” to a Russian…

Thus Svetochka is in the Tiny Russian Village and taking pictures as she always does…

I put the image of the chickadee at Sveta’s mother’s home for a reason. From Huge Moscow City to Tiny Russian Village; the little birdbrains are watching you…

* * * * *

I am going to tell you something, “Russian women are tough, beautiful and intelligent!”

I know, I have one who keeps an eye on me and she is a wonderful sweet girl…


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