What is in Russia’s Press Today? Just Obama and the Taliban! (Nov. 2nd, 2009)

Want to know what is being said in the press on this side of the world about Obama and more troops to Afghanistan? It really is very simple:

“Obama will witness lots of coffins heading to America from Afghanistan,” Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahamdi told AFP news agency. He also said: “Their (America’s) hope to control Afghanistan by military means will not become reality.”

The only truth in what Obama has done is to increase military presence in a lost war. The Taliban will now increase their war efforts to match Americas and NATO’s involvement. Also since America seems to be so bent on buying off the Taliban through a financial progam – like they did in Iraq. We will guarantee that they have financial support to continue war against us…

The war to the Taliban is about draining a big, bad, tough and rough countries resources plus finances. For that is how they will try to topple America! (Seems they (Taliban) are winning the war!)

The rest is a bunch of baloney…

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PS: Has anyone figured out that the Taliban are not scared of the US? I added a very good video by the way!