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Dollar rising vs. ruble for 2 days:
RBC, 13.11.2007, Moscow 11:51:35.After an hour and a half of today’s special dollar trading session for tomorrow deals, the weighted average exchange rate stood at 24.53 RUR/USD. The official dollar rate for November 14 may therefore be revised RUR0.04 higher. Combined with a RUR0.04 loss on Monday, the ruble has dropped a total of RUR0.08, or 0.3 percent, against the dollar in two days. The current developments on MICEX may be attributed to the dollar’s advance against the euro on international exchanges. The latter is now trading at nearly USD1.4620, down from almost USD1.4650 at the same time at the previous session. Consequently, the euro has edged down around 0.2 percent against the US currency on the global market since then.

Putin to chair State Council meeting:
RBC, 13.11.2007, Moscow 09:52:55.Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to chair State Council meeting in Krasnoyarsk today. President of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin and Transport Minister Igor Levitin are also expected to attend the meeting.

The meeting’s agenda includes discussions on the development of Russia’s transport infrastructure. The State Council’s working group has prepared a report, which outlines the main goals for the development of the country’s infrastructure and the current situation in this field.

Two thirds of Russians likely to vote in State Duma elections:
RBC, 12.11.2007, Moscow 17:42:14.About 75 percent of Russians are planning to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections, a poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center showed. Among those, 35 percent said they were definitely going, and 40 percent said they would most likely vote. As a result, the number of Russians willing to vote in the election has gone up from the previous showing of 68 percent about a month and a half ago.

The share of potential voters increases proportionally to the voter’s age: 30-32 percent of respondents are under 44 years old, 35 percent are between ages 45 and 59, while 47 percent are retired people.

The poll was held among 1,600 people in 153 locations of Russia’s 46 regions. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4 percent.

Russia to invest in oil and gas industry:
RBC, 12.11.2007, Moscow 12:15:32.Russia needs to invest $3 trillion in the next 10 years in the development of the country’s oil and gas industry, Viktor Ivanov, Head of the Russian Chemical Union, said during a conference in Moscow today. He noted that the amount would allow Russia’s oil and gas industry to reach the level of European countries. Ivanov added that the country needed to introduce new technologies that would allow companies to boost the share of refined oil products in the total amount of refined oil at least by 10 percent. He also said that it was more profitable for Russian companies to export oil rather than export refined oil products. Therefore, Ivanov reiterated Russian companies’ need to invest in their own development, while the government needed to create favorable market conditions for such companies. He pointed out that cutting taxes for oil companies would be a reasonable measure.


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Concern grows for smallest bear

Habitat loss and commercial hunting have been blamed for a decline in the number of sun bears – the world’s smallest species of bear.

An assessment by World Conservation Union (IUCN) has re-classified the animal as “vulnerable”.

Experts estimate that sun bears, found in south-east Asia, have declined by at least 30% in the past 30 years.

The IUCN’s bear expert groups warn that six out of the world’s eight bear species are threatened with extinction.

“Although we still have a lot to learn about the biology and ecology of this species (Helarctos malayanus) , we are quite certain it is in trouble,” said Rob Steinmetz, a member of the IUCN bear specialist group.


Extinct – Surveys suggest last known individual has died
Critically Endangered – Extreme high risk of extinction – this means some Critically Endangered species are also tagged Possibly Extinct
Endangered – Species at very high risk of extinction
Vulnerable – Species at high risk of extinction
Near Threatened – May soon move into above categories
Least Concern – Species is widespread and abundant
Data Deficient – not enough data to assess

“We estimate that sun bears have declined by at least 30% over the past 30 years and continue to decline at this rate.”

Mr Steinmetz said deforestation had reduced the size and quality of the bears’ habitat.

“Where habitat is now protected, commercial poaching remains a significant threat,” he added.

“We are working with governments, protected area managers, conservation groups and local people to prevent extinctions of the many small, isolated sun bear populations.”

Until this latest assessment, the bears had been classified as “data deficient” because not enough was know about the state of the species.

Uncertain times

One of the iconic species for conservationists, the giant panda, remains listed as “endangered”, despite recent efforts in China to release captive-bred pandas into the wild.

“Even though some people have claimed that panda populations are on the rise, we still consider them endangered because too much uncertainty exists to justify chnaging their status,” explained Dave Garshelis, co-chairman of the IUCN bear specialist group.

Although the giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) remains the world’s most threatened bear species, there are reasons to be optimistic about its long-term survival.

China has established nearly 60 panda reserves, a logging ban and begun a programme of reforestation.

Out of the eight species featured on the IUCN Red List, only the American black bear is considered secure throughout its range, which includes Canada, the US and Mexico.

With an estimated population of 900,000, there are more than twice the number of American black bears than all the other species put together.


Giant panda – Endangered
Sun bear – Vulnerable
Asiatic black bear – Vulnerable
Sloth bear – Vulnerable
Andean bear – Vulnerable
Polar bear – Vulnerable
Brown bear – Least Concern
American black bear – Least Concern

(Source: IUCN)

“An enormous amount of effort and funding for conservation and management continue to be directed at bears in North America,” said Bruce McLellan, Mr Garshelis’ fellow co-chairman of the group.

“It is unfortunate that so little is directed at bears in Asia and South America where the need is extreme.”

The assessment of the seven terrestrial bear species and polar bear (technically classified as a marine mammal) was published on Sunday following a meeting in Mexico.

The findings will be used to update the bears’ entries in the 2007 edition Red List of Threatened Species, which is considered to be the most authoritative audit of more than 41,000 species.

Story from BBC NEWS: Published: 2007/11/12 10:44:58 GMT © BBC MMVII


Polar Bears are having a rough time surviving North of Russia. Humans keep taking their space and the ice is retreating.

Just thoughts for a Monday!


comments always welcome.

My wife and I were driving the streets of Moscow on Sunday and we could not believe the traffic congestion. When we go out for a nice little ride through town! (take that sarcastically) We usually see around 3 – 4 bad wrecks. I learned in America, to drive defensively & I use every trick that I learned to stay out of accidents here in Moscow.

I am glad to see that Moscow is trying to do something about the problem……

22 Streets Become One-Way

Twenty-two centrally located streets became one-way streets Sunday, amid an ongoing struggle by Moscow city authorities to ease traffic congestion.

The change — largely involving streets in a west-central area stretching between Pushkin Square, Novy Arbat and the Garden Ring Road — came months after 49 two-lane streets in east-central Moscow were turned into one-way streets.

The latest move is expected to ease congestion in the city center by 10 percent to 15 percent, City Hall experts said.

Traffic jams are an enormous problem in Moscow, costing the economy billions of dollars in lost productivity and commerce every year. The average car travels at just over 16 kilometers per hour inside the Garden Ring. Citywide, the average speed is close to 25 kilometers per hour, according to city statistics.

Every day, around 200,000 cars clog the city’s 6,000 kilometers of roads, and some traffic experts fear a collapse when the number of cars hits 300,000 by 2012.

The streets that became one way on Sunday include five ulitsas — Bolshaya Bronnaya, Bolshaya Molchanovka, Malaya Bronnaya, Malaya Molchanovka and Spiridonovka — and 17 pereuloks — Bogoslovsky, Bolshoi Kozikhinsky, Bolshoi Patriarshy, Bolshoi Rzhevsky, Borisoglebsky, Bryusov, Granatny, Khlebny, Maly Patriarshy, Maly Rzhevsky, Medvezhy, Nozhovy, Skatertny, Spiridonyevsky, Stolovy, Tryokhprudny and Yermolayevsky.


The big problem with the roads is that they were built for public transport and very few cars.

I think that the statistics are wrong… Moscow has three million cars registered. It Feels Like two million of them are on the road, when we are out driving. :)


comments always welcome.


Today I want to congratulate all people who serves in Militsiya. (Police in America) Yesterday (Saturday) was the day to pay tribute to our Militsiya!

Recently (due to our car being broke into) I spent about 1+ hours in local Militsiya station and watched how hard they worked. They really were busy, Dispatcher called patrols cars every few seconds and gave the officers new orders. To go to fights, to check a situation somewhere and to a dispute somewhere, were just some of the few orders given.

I was so much impressed, his job was so intensive – I think even air traffic controllers don’t work that intensively. He just was getting more and more calls from Command Center. I heard: “Someone told that young people are too loud in the yard and he sent a patrol car to check, (then) someone complained on next door neighbors who was quarreled and fought,(then) someone call and told that he had smelled propane in his flat, yes Gas Service already had visited him and found nothing, OK – told the dispatcher – then cops will find ;).”

I’ve heard a cop talk to a man whom they kept in the camera room- that was nice kind talk even with some humor. So: I was impressed!

Before this day like many Russians, I did not think too good about Militsiya (never had deal with them- just it was like, Russian mentality).

Now when I’ve seen their real job I respect them very much! I’ve met just very kind and intelligent people at the Militsiya Station.

And one more thing what I would like to share with you: If you are in trouble call #02. If you see something what should not be call #02. (Russia of course)

Best wishes for all who serves in Militsiya!
They work hard in any weather any time!
They work for us!

Thank you!


PS That is the other emergency phone numbers in Russia:
01 – Fire emergency
02 – Militsiya
03 – Medical emergency
04 – Gas emergency
PPS More about Militsiya and why in Russia it’s called Militsiya (not Police like in many others countries) read here:


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee. I was watching the snow fall & swirl in the wind!

So I thought lets look at some pictures from the scenery in Russia.

1. Driving to the Village.
2. Frozen Village!
3. How they display cigarette’s in Moscow windows.(expand the picture and you can see the prices) (25 Rubles = $1)
4. Gum Department Store on the Red Square. (with parade)
5. Last and far from least, My Sweetie standing on a stump of a big tree.

Just a lazy day in Russia.
Hope that you have a safe weekend!


comments always welcome.


I was looking at some videos that my Wife made. The 7th of November was a Parade day on Red Square. This Parade is in Commemoration of the Parade in 1941. If you have never seen Red Square and the area around it(Kremlin and Gum Department Store), then this will be a treat for you.
http link: Gum Department Store!
http link: Lenin Mausoleum
http link: Kremlin

I think she did a great job and caught what was going on real well. I really think that you will enjoy watching these videos!


comments always welcome.


A reader gave me very good new information on Russian Computer Program.
All prices are in Rubles and figure 25 Rubles for every Dollar. So 7800/25=$312.00 for the cheapest system. (Delivered) I reprinted the comment because he put a lot of effort into looking everything up.
Thanks Peter


said… et cetera: 7800 is the price for the cheapest model with Linux and including delivery cost.

It’s not a high price, but not exceptionally low too.

It’s a good program per se, but one of the reasons it does not work is that computer stores are often closer than post offices. 50000 is too much for that bad advertisement. The easiest scenario a computer may be bought there, as I imagine, is that:
1. A person gets interested in computers some way (that’s easy).
2. The person visits post office regularly (a pensioner getting pension there? most of my acquaintances do neither visit post offices regularly, nor like the visits when they do, including me).
3. The person pays attention to the “pcdom” (I didn’t).
4. The person either buys a computer for a minor without consent or asks richer relatives and persuades them to buy it at post office (i.e. not at the favorite or nearest store).

Configurations(russian should not be a problem)/prices:
1. 7800 r.
2. 17000 r.
3. 22000 r.
4. 21400 r. (notebook with Windows XP: this should be interesting)
Peters Web Site:


comments always welcome

{1}Russians prefer market economy, poll shows:
RBC, 08.11.2007, Moscow 17:43:53.The Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) has released data on the type of government Russians want to have in their country in the future. Presently, as was also the case a decade ago, public opinion gives preference to a democratic market economy. Although the number of supporters of this approach has decreased from 48 to 42 percent, the share of promoters of a socialist government with communist ideology is almost three times smaller, at 16 percent (down from 20 percent in 1997). Somewhat more popular is the position that Russia should have a unique form of government, with 21 percent of respondents voicing their support for this viewpoint. A marginal 3-6 percent believe monarchy to be ideal for Russia.
The poll was conducted on August 18-19, among 1,600 people in 153 locations in 46 regions and republics of Russia, with the margin of error under 3.4 percent.

{2}Russia-US high level group on US missile shield to meet soon:
RBC, 08.11.2007, Moscow 13:51:19.The meeting of the high-level Russian-US group on the US National Missile Defense (NMD) system is expected to take place in November, Igor Neverov, head of the North America department at the Russian Foreign Ministry, told journalists today. He did not specify the dates of the meeting, nor the place. Neverov pointed out that it was important to receive suggestions from the US on the deployment of elements of the NMD before the meeting.

{3}Russia’s gold and currency reserves surge:
RBC, 08.11.2007, Moscow 10:25:32.The Bank of Russia’s gold and foreign currency reserves amounted to $447.9bn as of November 2, 2007, up $6.6bn, or 1.5 percent, from the previous showing. Combined with a $16.5bn rise on October 5-26, the reserves have climbed a total of $23.1bn, or 5.4 percent, in 20 days.
This rise in gold and currency reserves may be attributed to a sharp upsurge in the Central Bank’s foreign currency acquisitions on the domestic market. As a result, the reserves have reached their all-time high and Russia has been able to somewhat narrow the huge gap separating it from China and Japan, the world’s leaders in terms of gold and foreign exchange reserves.
Russia’s reserves have increased by more than $144.2bn since the beginning of the year, which is $29.3bn greater than the Bank of Russia’s forecast for 2007.

{4}Russia suspends arms treaty:
RBC, 07.11.2007, Moscow 13:51:53.The Russian State Duma has suspended Russia’s participation in the Treaty on the Conventional Forces in Europe (CFE), although the President has the right to resume the country’s participation. The bill was ratified unanimously (418) and will come into effect once it has been published.


Russia’s Defense Ministry has not ruled out the possibility of building up troops on Russia’s western borders following the suspension of the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) Treaty. )

On July 14, 2007, President Putin signed a decree on Russia’s suspension of the CFE Treaty and related international agreements. Putin had stated earlier: “Russia’s missile testing programs and the suspension of the CFE Treaty were in response to unfounded actions by Russia’s partners, namely the United States, to build missile shield in Europe.” (

The State Duma is due to consider a bill on the suspension of the CFE Treaty Wednesday. Duma Chairman Boris Gryzlov said on Tuesday that many: “European countries and the US have not ratified the treaty, and deputies considered it necessary to suspend it. European countries have had three years to express their attitude towards the treaty, but they have not done so.”

By the way Russia voted to pull out and have given their 150 day notice to NATO.

So all in all, The Games That Countries Play Go On!


comments always welcome.


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and thinking about the Russian computer program to get an affordable computer in every house hold in Russia.

The Computer to Every House Program is failing. Instead of 50,000 PCs being sold by summer of 2007, they sold no more than 1,500 PCs. So, the Ministry of IT and Communications has decided to make some changes.

When they implemented the program, they discovered that in the remote villages the people are rather unacknowledged about computers and have never heard of Microsoft. If they had heard of Microsoft, they had a fear of the Operating system due to past problems.

The Computer to Every House Program was initiated by Russia’s Ministry of IT & Communications. The original plan was to sell PCs to people with moderate revenues via more than 40,000 offices of Russia’s Mail Service. (Link to Site) All PCs were supplied with Microsoft software and Intel processors. The target was to sell about 50,000 PCs by the summer of 2007.

According the Ministry of IT and Communications. A second attempt at implementing the program will be launched in December of 2007. This time, Microsoft software will be replaced by Linux of a Russian development and the individuals will be able to get loans to purchase the PCs. The Ministry of IT and Communications is working with the biggest banks of the Russia to install loan programs.

This program is a wonderful opportunity for Russian people.


comments always welcome.


Today as I was drinking my coffee, I was thinking!

I am American and very proud of being an American! Who would I vote for president? This is my answer..


My answer comes from the mess the country is in. The Republicans seem to have forgotten what being Republican means! The Democrat’s have forgotten what being Democrat means!

Both parties have forgotten that they all stand for the same country!



I found this very useful Site to find the Russian Consulates all over the world!

Hope this helps someone.


comments always welcome.

“The Federal Migration Service confirmed on Tuesday that foreigners with old residency permits were being barred from leaving the country under newly enforced regulations.

A 2002 law requires foreigners to change their residency permits for new ones but does not set a deadline for the swap. The Federal Migration Service ordered border guards six months ago to stop foreigners with the old permits from entering or leaving the country, said Konstantin Poltoranin, a spokesman for the migration service.

Apparently, the border guards are now starting to enforce the order.

Among those caught off guard is, Carine Clement — the French director of the Institute for Collective Action, an NGO, and wife of State Duma Deputy Oleg Shein — who was prevented from flying out of Sheremetyevo Airport over the weekend. Clement, whose residency permit expires in May, said she was not informed about the change when she applied for a new permit in October. Moreover, she recently visited Rome without any problems.

Poltoranin said Clement should not have been allowed to travel to Rome and should have been informed about the problem with her old permit when she applied for the new one. He said a foreigner should fill out an application for a new permit at the passport and visa department in his local police station and would get a new permit within days.”(Moscow Times)


comments always welcome.


I was reading this article while drinking my coffee this morning, about the Russian People want Putin to stay as President. I do not know how true it is but I know that I myself want to see him stay in power! I think that the country and people need him to stay where he is at.

That is just my 2cents worth!


Regions ask the president to stay:

Russia undergoes a wave of public rallies in support of extending Vladimir Putin’s powers for the third presidential term. The opposition believes the rallies were organized by the United Russia party. However, both the Kremlin and the United Russia said the initiative is coming from the people.

Residents of Chechnya and Tver rallied in support of the third term for Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. Earlier, there had been rallies in Volgograd and Kamchatka. Other regions are about to hold the rallies soon.

In Tver, the event was organized by “the ‘For Putin’ initiative group of citizens” who worded its purpose as follows: “We should by all legal means strive for the continuation of Vladimir Putin’s policy, the policy of national success and national pride”. Specially for the event, Tver city authorities lighted the torch on the Victory obelisk, which is normally done on very special occasions only. The rally gathered over 10,000 people. Nadezhda Afonina, head of Tver education department, said she was happy with how easily she managed to fill the quota of 3,000 people (teachers and students) imposed on her just one day before the rally. Attorney Pavel Astakhov, who arrived to take part in the event, could not refrain from agitation. He suggested that Tver residents should choose Putin at the December 2 election just like young women choose husbands: “Clever, energetic, reliable, with whom we all are safe and protected”. “We lawyers will definitely find a way to make all our hopes come true,” the attorney added.

In Chechnya, the rallies in support of President Putin took place in Grozny, Gudermes, and Achkhoi-Martan. The rally in Grozny consisted mostly of university students. “We have been warned that we should secure the attendance of all students,” said an employee of the University of Grozny. Files of young people dressed in T-shirts depicting Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov and Vladimir Putin, and carrying banners with “Let’s give third term to Putin!” slogans, filled in Dinamo stadium guarded by police officers in parade uniforms.

The 20,000 people that gathered for the rally asked Putin to stay for the third presidential term. Kommersant’s reporter asked how they account for their slogans since the president had already said he would not change the Constitution and would not stay for the third term. One of the activists answered: “Constitution is the nation. What the nation decides is the law.” Similar rallies took place in Gudermes and Achkhoi-Martan. The participants urged their fellow young activists from other regions of the South Federal District to support the initiative of Chechnya’s president and parliament to prolong the powers of the current Russian president.

Volgograd mayor Roman Grebennikov gathered the city residents under the slogans “Putin, we stand with you” and “Working class for Putin”. He suggested signing an address that calls for considering the State Duma election as a “referendum of trust to Vladimir Putin”.

Several more regions are ready to join the action. Rzhev is to host the forum of Putin’s supporters on November 2; Vladikavkaz has scheduled the forum of North Ossetia’s public movements in the president’s support for November 3, and Yakutsk hosted on Wednesday the first session of the Pro President movement.

Activists of the latter already gathered over 5,000 people in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky a few days ago, so as to ask the president to stay for another term. The Fair Russia party believes that rally was so largely-attended due to the United Russia’s administrative resource. “The mayor gave orders to schools and kindergartens to gather for the rally. All employees there were disgusted. Naturally, the United Russia is behind all that,” said Sergei Pavlov, leader of the Fair Russia’s branch in Kamchatka. “Heads of city administration departments personally telephoned the directors of schools and kindergartens,” said Mikhail Smagin, second secretary of the Communist party’s regional committee. Smagin said the rally was organized by Vladislav Skvortsov, mayor of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and member of the United Russia’s regional political council. Meanwhile, one of SPS leaders Boris Nemtsov, referring to the experience of his campaign visits to dozens of cities, called people’s initiatives “pure grovelling”. “The most ecologically clean site in Russia is Putin’s body: it’s polished by licking,” said Nemtsov.

However, local rally organizers deny the United Russia is mixed in the action. “I am the United Russia’s supporter, but I’m not its member. They didn’t help us,” said Igor Zolotar, one of the co-founders of the Pro President movement in Kamchatka. Volgograd’s mayor (who is a candidate for the United Russia’s membership) said that the rally has no relation to the election, because there were no hints at any party during the event.

Valery Ryazansky, member of the United Russia supreme council’s bureau, denied that the party is mixed in the wave of rallies as well. “It is people’s initiative. We openly declare that the upcoming election is a referendum in support of Putin. Yet, we should keep in mind that people in the regions can have their own initiative. People feel the situation and understand that Putin means social stability,” he said. Ryazansky also reminded that the calls on Putin to stay for the third term have already occurred before, and “were articulated by regional parliaments as well”.

In spring 2007,Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov promoted the idea of prolonging presidential powers. Mironov suggested that regional lawmakers should discuss whether it is possible to introduce amendments to the Constitution. The United Russia said it is ready to discuss the issue as well after Putin personally agreed with Mironov that the presidential term can be reconsidered. By the way, the draft constitutional amendments have already reached the State Duma thrice: from Magadan’s lawmakers in 2002, from Ivanovo’s – in 2003, and from Chechnya’s – in 2006.

Regional lawmakers are ready to join the current wave as well. Deputies of Chelyabinsk’ and Tyumen’s regional parliaments plan to adopt the address to the president asking him to stay for the third term, initiated by local United Russia members. On October 16, Putin received the same request from the people of art: in The Russian Newspaper, on behalf of 65,000 art professionals, Russian Academy of Arts president Zurab Tsereteli and Russian Foundation of Culture president Nikita Mikhalkov asked the president to stay after 2008.
The Kremlin refrained from commenting on the nation-wide movement in the president’s support. A high-ranking source in the presidential administration said the Kremlin has no relation to the numerous regional rallies. Vladimir Putin’s personal reaction to the events is unknown as well.(Kommersant)


Some days I get in a political mood. These articles are for Americans to see what is going on over here. You see, while America is deciding who the next President is, so is Russia!

I want to add something:
The same games in Politics are played in Russia as in the USA. I find it amazing the similarities in Political structure. In many ways the Russian Political System seems less corrupt than the American Political System.


comments always welcome.

I am going to give plain and simple 10 reasons what I do not like about Russia! These are in no certain order.

1. The Russian Drivers SUCK!
2. The potholes in the roads! (They are fixed only when a tank gets stuck in them!)
3. The meanest mosquitoes I have ever seen!
4. Customer Service! (None – What customer service?)
5. The queue’s! (Lines have a life of their own!)
6. The pollution! (In certain areas only!)
7. The Cross Walks! (Death walks is better!)
8. The Road Police (half the time they are okay!)
9. The Mini Buses! (Always SUCK!)
10. Getting Visa’s!

These are not all, just what comes to mind in a few minutes.




Over ten years ago I met the most wonderful Russian woman in the world! What started as friends on the Internet per e-mails and text messages, became a dream come true for this American...

I moved to Russia nine years ago and have never, one time, in all those years, regretted that move to Russia. In fact, I have realized over the years that Russia is safe, incredibly fantastic and a wonderfully explicit country to live and travel in...

I have been lucky in many ways and meeting a normal Russian woman whose main goal is not to leave Russia, that was a blessing in disguise, as I was the one who had to make the hard decision to leave my country. It was a decision that I have never ever regretted and it also opened my eyes to a whole new world of ideas and thinking's...

So welcome to Windows to Russia and stay a spell, sip a cup of coffee...

(Svetlana and Kyle)

Walkum Talkum

The US led "War on Terror" is an open ended vehicle by which any people on the face of the planet who do not agree with America may be targeted by covert Western forces using methods like drone strikes, social media instigated color revolutions, assassinations, death squads, 'humanitarian' bombing, sanctions and blockades. America forgets that during their much lauded 'War of Independence', THEY were the saboteurs
and terrorists...

The current activities and narratives of the USA are solely based on their egregious efforts to expand their hegemony, no matter who is 'right' and who is 'wrong'...

The Kiev regime using the word 'Terrorist' to describe 4 million of your own citizens who don't accept a government installed by a foreign power is a prime example. While the world debates semantics, thousands of men women and children die and millions are chased away from their homes and nobody cares...



kKEETON @ Windows to Russia…

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