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Posts published in February 2008

Russia: Volga Automobile, Part 3 Classic Beauty!

Hello,This is Part 3 of The Volga Car! Part 1 & Part 2 are about the history and technical side of the Volga. Today we show the Classic Beauty of the Volga Automobile! This is a Video from Russia about the different models of Volga and has been given a modern twist…Kyle comments always welcome Subscribe in a reader

From Russian MIR to International Space Station! (ISS)

(Top photo MIR & Bottom Photo ISS) Hello,I was drinking my wonderful cup of morning coffee & thinking today about the MIR Space Station, which lead me thinking about the International Space Station! The MIR (Russian: Мир, which can mean both Peace and World) was a Soviet (and later Russian) orbital station. MIR was humanity’s first consistently inhabited long-term research…

More on: Phillip Miles!

Update: June 23rd, 2008 Update Feb 29th, Friday, February 29, 2008 The embassy called Lynn Friday morning to report they were able to visit with Phillip for over an hour. It was a very good and casual visit. Phillip looked well although he is taking…

Russia: Beautiful Village!

Hello,I am sitting here drinking my morning cup of coffee & thinking about the Village! I think that it is time to make a trip to the Village (Sunrise To Freedom) We are nearing March and Spring is on its way. Grass will grow, Flowers will bloom, Birds will sing & Mosquitoes will come out to play! 🙂 Speaking of…

Russia: Once Again American Media & Anti Russian Propaganda!

Yuri Mamchur:Last weekend, The New York Times published another piece of amazing anti-Russian propaganda. “…the city’s children, too, were pressed into service. At schools, teachers gave them pamphlets promoting “Putin’s Plan”…” Those who have been to Russia in the last decade drop the newspaper either with laughter or with anger. read more | digg story Subscribe in a reader

Pastor Phillip Miles!

Hello, More information about Phillip Miles. (This information seems to be accurate and most likely real)The statements can be observed in the forum of AR15.COM.In these statements is mention of Vladimir, a Russian interpreter from my last article! forum is part of a Militia organization based in America! Called the Bushmasters! These Are Links That Have been Altered By The…

Russia: Falsely Accused Russian Teacher, Fights Back!

Hello, I want to talk about a man in Russia who was accused, tried, convicted of a crime & he was not the true criminal! This is a story about a man who tries to supply computers for his kids at a Village school that he teaches at…… A Russian Village schoolteacher (Alexander Ponosov) who lost a battle of accusation…

Russia: Volga Automobile, Part 2 Technical!

Hello, I was drinking my morning cup of coffee & remembered that I said I would be writing Part 2 of 3 parts about the Volga Automobile! Part 1 was about the history of the Volga! Today Part 2 is about the technical side of the Volga.=================================== 1946 GAZ-M20————————————————–Manufacturer: GAZAlso called PobedaProduction: 1946-1958Assembly: Gorky, Soviet UnionSuccessor GAZ-21 (Volga)Class Large family…

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