Monthly Archives: March 2008

Russia: I Am Watching The Dollar Sink, One kopek at a time!

Hello, I have watched the Dollar slide downhill slowly but steadily! This effect was not very apparent when I lived in the USA, but living outside of the USA, I see how the Dollar decline is conjunctively with all currencies……————————————————————–Dollar down 13.88 kopeks, euro up 16.91 kopeks – Central Bank 27/03/2008 13:48 MOSCOW, March 27 […]

Russia: Spy Vs. Spy!

Hello, Seems that here in the last few weeks there are spy’s everywhere. Now Belarus has uncovered another spy ring. They must not be very good spy’s because they keep getting caught. Reminds me of: Spy Vs Spy……———————————————————–Belarus says uncovers U.S. spy networkTue Mar 25, 2008 2:17pm EDT MINSK (Reuters) – Belarus said on Tuesday […]

Russia: Is Chechnya Getting Safer?

Hello, I was drinking my morning cup of delicious Russian coffee & thinking about Chechnya. I was thinking about doing an article on the troubled area. It has seemed to me that the conflict has mellowed out a lot down that way. Just as I was getting ready to start the article I saw that […]