Month: September 2008

From Russia: The USA – Bailout Failed! Hallelujah!

Thank Goodness the bailout was stopped for now…..


Posted by Lew Rockwell at September 29, 2008 01:12 PM

What a heroic day! The people rose up against a coalition of every evil group in America: the central bank, Wall Street plutocrats, politicians, banksters, think tanks (including the pseudo-libertarian sort), big media, big academia, and big business, and won. Today we got a taste of what things may look like when the regime is finally toppled, and its theft and killing stopped. The Austrian economists are vindicated again, as is Rothbard’s political analysis, and our pizza party for Mises’s birthday today look on an especially festive air. The bad guys may yet beat us, but how sweet to see the CNBC types running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Now let’s get to work to defend the free market and sound money, and finger the Fed and all who support it as the culprits. Oh, and by the way, congratulations, Ron Paul. (Link)


The US House of Representatives has passed a $700bn (£380bn) government plan to rescue the US financial sector.

The 263-171 vote was the second in a week, following its shock rejection of an earlier version on Monday.

The package is aimed at buying up the bad debts of failing financial institutions on Wall Street.

US President George W Bush praised lawmakers for their “spirit of co-operation” before signing the bill into law later on Friday.

The House adopted the new version after the Senate added about $100bn

Russia: South Ossetia taking Matters in its Own Hands!


I was drinking my second cup of coffee and thinking about what South Ossatia is doing.

South Ossetian authorities are planning to put Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili on an international wanted list. The South Ossetian Prosecutor General’s Office will complete all necessary procedures next week.

“The South Ossetian Prosecutor General’s Office is drawing up charges against Saakashvili, who will be declared wanted internationally soon,” South Ossetia’s Prosecutor General Taimuraz Khugayev told Interfax on Monday.

“A warrant for entering the Georgian president on an international wanted list will be handed to the corresponding agencies of the states, which have recognized South Ossetia’s independence,” Khugayev said. (Link)

Some things make me smile and I was just thinking that Saakashvili will never ever go to South Ossetia and show his face again. 🙂

I wonder if they put his picture up on the post office wall like they do in America. Maybe they should put up his picture of eating a tie – That has to be a crime also….

Kyle & Svet

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Russia: Visa Time – Soon Onward To Israel!


This weekend (Sunday – Oct.5th) we leave for Israel. The tickets are bought, the dog has a sitter to spend a few weeks with. We are packing and getting all the mandatory necessities in order. The biggest necessity for me is to have about one month supply of my prescriptions for my heart. It is fun crossing the border with a small pharmacy! 🙂 You have to explain to the whole world: I have heart problems and these pills are necessary.

They (not me) usually get nervous and get me on through when they realize that they do not want to do all the paper work involved with someone having a heart attack due to stress at the border crossing. I always say “Thank God for Nitro!” 🙂

Svet is so excited, this is one of the few countries that allow Russians to cross with out a visa. I think that is fantastic and truth is, any country that lets Americans in without a visa should let Russians in without a visa. Vietnam is close to no visa for Russians, so that looks like a good place to travel in the future. we have decided that visa restrictions are a factor in our travels. If the country has visa issues about Russia, then they really do not need our money. This visa issues are what keep us from traveling to Finland and Norway. Both countries treat Svet like she is second class person. 🙁

So when we get back from Israel we will be writing about getting my visa from the Russian Embassy in Israel!

This time we are going to cut cds of our pictures and also save the pictures on flash drives. We are not going to lose these pictures. (Knock on Wood!)

We will keep you updated before we leave…

Kyle & Svet