Tidbit of Truth: Ukraine; Clowns and caricatures; handing out their sovereignty to the West's hands. The worst is still to come when lenders ask the beggars to cough up more yet, to pay the debt. In the mean time they keep borrowing and dying for a disillusioned independence, created in the mind by propaganda and underlined dream desires. A tragic outcome is on the brink of a rough Winter, then it will be too late and your praetorian will not hesitate to shoot and kill in the streets of Kiev, after exhausting reserves of chemicals and tear gas. No jobs, no future and no hope. This is the every day reality of Ukraine citizens in debt. Welcome to the modern slave camp.

Welcome to the West, Dearest Ukraine!

Archives / July 2010

  • Did you know that Moscow celebrated its 862nd birthday on September 5-6 2009? Did you know that 66 percent of Russians, think of Moscow residents as a separate category of Russian people? They imagine a Muscovite as a person having a good job, a high income, and fine business qualities. However, when speaking about personal […]

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  • An estimated 200 protesters turned out for the rally in downtown Moscow with 35 hauled away in police vehicles. But that number of protesters paled in comparison to the some 300 reporters who were on hand to cover the event… Lets get this straight – more reporters than protesters… Hummmmm… Windows to Russia! Russian police […]

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  • Hello, Russia is going to spend a little money in the next few years. Putin promised that Sochi would be ready and the money is starting to flow! 04/02/2008 15:33 SOCHI, February 4 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s prime minister said on Monday the government will spend 81 billion rubles ($3.3 billion) over the next three […]

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