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Windows to Russia

Did you know that Moscow celebrated its 862nd birthday on September 5-6 2009?

Did you know that 66 percent of Russians, think of Moscow residents as a separate category of Russian people? They imagine a Muscovite as a person having a good job, a high income, and fine business qualities. However, when speaking about personal qualities of Muscovite’s, most Russians have negative things to say. 6 percent consider Muscovite’s rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

Did you know that Native Muscovite’s make up only two percent of the population of Moscow about 180,000 people? (Svetlana is a native Muscovite.)

Did you know that Moscow is a densely populated city? There are about 120 people living on each hectare of land in the city limits. For comparison, the density is 40 people in New York, 62 in London, 88 in Paris.

Just some tidbits of information so that you learn more about Moscow and Russia…

Windows to Russia!
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(Link to Article) Facts from Pradva!

Unsanctioned Moscow Rally...

An estimated 200 protesters turned out for the rally in downtown Moscow with 35 hauled away in police vehicles. But that number of protesters paled in comparison to the some 300 reporters who were on hand to cover the event…

Lets get this straight – more reporters than protesters…


Windows to Russia!



Russia is going to spend a little money in the next few years. Putin promised that Sochi would be ready and the money is starting to flow!

04/02/2008 15:33 SOCHI, February 4 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s prime minister said on Monday the government will spend 81 billion rubles ($3.3 billion) over the next three years on facilities for the 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi…..

“The government has adopted a program for the construction of Olympic facilities and Sochi’s development,” Viktor Zubkov told a meeting of the presidential council responsible for preparations for the games at the Black Sea resort.

“It includes 243 facilities. Around 81 billion rubles will be spent on the program in the next three years.”

Zubkov said the six years remaining to prepare for the games is a relatively short period considering the scale of the plans, and urged for final decisions on the facilities’ location and additional, private, investment in the Olympic projects.

President Vladimir Putin, who vigorously campaigned to secure the country’s victory as an Olympic bidder, and spoke English, French and Spanish at a presentation ceremony to win over IOC members, earlier pledged $12 billion to build the city’s facilities for the winter Olympics largely from scratch.

Sochi won the right to host the games during an IOC session in Guatemala in July 2007 after a close race with South Korea‘s Pyeongchang and Austria’s Salzburg.

Environmental groups have warned that large-scale construction work could wreak significant damage in the unique mountainous West Caucasus area, which includes territories on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Critics have also predicted that authorities and organizers will use the opportunity to embezzle government funds.

Apart from sporting venues and hotels, organizers plan to build a mobile communications network, digital broadcasting infrastructure, lay fiber-optic cables, build and modernize four power plants and four cascaded hydroelectric power stations, and to totally rebuild power grids

Transportation services are also to be improved considerably. A light metro is to be built to connect the airport and railroad terminal in Adler to sporting venues. The existing railroad will be reconstructed and two more lines laid, including a high-speed one from Moscow to Adler.

Sochi airport, where a new terminal was built recently, will have a runway extended, and backup airports will be built in nearby cities. New terminals will be constructed in the sea port.

There are also plans to build “Federation” island off Sochi’s coast in the shape of Russia. The island is to be filled with hotels and offices.

Russia will be hosting the Winter Olympics for the first time. Moscow hosted the Summer Olympics in 1980, but the event was marred by a U.S.-led boycott involving more than 60 countries.

I see that Russia is going to be spending a lot of money on the Olympics in the next 6 years. My wife and I can not wait, we want to go!

Windows to Russia!

Vladimir Putin
Prime Minister Putin…

The situation with wildfires in the Russian regions remains difficult, though some stability has been noticed, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said during a meeting at the Emergencies Ministry’s Situation Room on Saturday.

According to the Emergencies Ministry’s figures on Saturday morning, some 121,500 hectares of forest are burning. There are also 18 peat bog fires, 9 of which are in the Central Federal District.

“The situation we have with wildfires remains difficult, [and] the night before last and yesterday morning we ran into some heavy consequences in some regions [but this] has stabilized a bit; however, on the whole, [the situation] remains quite intense,” Putin said.

Over the last 24 hours, over 1,000 homes have been destroyed and entire villages burned to the ground in the largest wildfire ever to hit the European part of Russia.

An emergency situation has been announced in 14 regions in Russia. Thousands of people have been left homeless.

Temperatures across much of western and central Russia have topped 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) during the past five weeks, causing peat bog and forest fires and creating what is thought to be the worst drought since 1972.

“You all know what the weather forecast is: there’s nothing to be happy about,” Putin said.

Windows to Russia!

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Medvedev just started a video area on YouTube and then this pops up last week. I find it interesting that countries are having internet issues such as America shutting down 73,000 blogs on a site last week (They deny it though! :)) China and Google go round and round. Now this, Russia and YouTube…

The Central District Court of Russia’s Far East city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur has ordered a local Internet provider to block access to five websites, including Youtube, for spreading extremist materials, a court spokesman told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

“The court ordered the Rosnet provider to block access to Youtube, as well as to,, and, which contain open materials included in the federal list of extremist literature,” he said.

With the exception of Youtube, all the remaining sites are electronic libraries. “In particular, Adolf Hitler‘s Mein Kampf could be found in the electronic libraries’ websites,” the spokesman said.

The Komsomolsk-on-Amur Prosecutor’s Office filed a lawsuit after investigating the website content.

Rosnet on Wednesday appealed the decision.

“Representatives of our company have repeatedly offered… representatives of the Prosecutor General‘s office… ways of blocking extremist content by turning to the hosting providers and owners of websites or the authors of the [extremist] issues. But our proposals were neglected,” Rosnet’s press release said.

Several countries attempt to impose censorship on the world’s largest websites. Pakistan blocked Youtube in February 2008 over “sacrilegious content.” Last year, China blocked Youtube on its territory. (RIA Novosti)

Makes me go Hummmm…

Windows to Russia!


I was drinking my morning cup of delicious coffee here in Moscow, Russia. I was doing some thinking about a faded black older BMW car that I had seen the other day with a license plate with the number of the devil on it! It went by at a very high rate of speed, as Svet and I stood near the theater taking pictures of horses, in which that we had just seen a movie. I could not and can not understand why someone would put the sign of the devil on their license plate. (registration plate)

I remember shaking my head and mumbled something under my breath, because I thought to myself, that person has issues.

Well today an interesting accident has happened:

MOSCOW, May 7 (RIA Novosti) – A driver had to be cut out of his BMW after a tram rammed into his vehicle, which was displaying the number 666 on the registration plate, a police source said on Thursday.

The accident occurred near a church in east Moscow and the significance of the number 666 on the vehicle’s registration plate made some emergency workers nervous. (Link)

I understand the workers being nervous. I do not believe in many superstitions but one that I take to heart is the number of the devil and even the numbers 999 raises caution with me, which is number of the devil upside down.

I checked some more news sources and I am 99% positive that this is the same car. The driver was young and had no respect for people, horses or other cars. He ran one actually two of the lights that was at the intersection as we waited for a bus. I remember him because I was trying to get pictures of people who were riding horses across this same intersections. I did not get the car on a picture but I got the horses. Not a very good picture but you can still see the horses and they were being ridden through Moscow, late at night. It was this intersection that he weaved around cars at a high rate of speed and tore into the night. I remember his plate and the number of the devil!

If it is not him then there is another BMW with number of the devil on its license plate running around Moscow, Russia.

So now this guy is in serious condition and his car totaled. The people on the tram were not hurt according to reports. It seems that many people in Moscow like to drive on the tram tracks and block the trams all the time. Or try to out run them and get across the intersection before them.

Just like playing chicken with a train at a train crossing. The train wins sometimes…

Windows to Russia!
Kyle and Svet

comments always welcome.

I doubt China and Russia will ever be much help to the EU and the USA in sanctions against Iran again, or for that matter any other country that America targets with sanctions..

China has joined Russia in denying support to the latest batch of European Union sanctions against Iran.

In a statement from its Foreign Ministry Friday, it argues that nuclear disagreements with the Iranians must be resolved through diplomacy, rather than new unilateral punitive measures.

The sanctions in question were announced last Monday, after a Brussels meeting of EU Foreign Ministers.

The sanctions in it target Iran’s oil and gas, banking and transportation sectors.

Russia says they compromise efforts by the Security Council’s Permanent Five plus Germany to establish a productive dialogue with Iran.

Gee and I have said from the beginning that games are being played by America and before it is over Russia and China will be pulling out of the sanctions all together. I have heard Medvedev state a dozen times here in Russia, “That is not what the council agreed upon…”

Sanctions that are based on lies and deceits to get them accomplished are worse than what the country that they are against has done…

Windows to Russia!

Russia On Fire...

Russia on Fire...

Over 2,000 soldiers and about 50 vehicles from the Moscow Military District are involved in fire-firing efforts in central Russian regions, a spokesman for the Moscow Military District command told reporters on Friday.

A special group maintains 24-hour contact with the Emergency Situations Ministry and regional administrations, the spokesman said.

Swift measures are being taken to put out forest fires that might threaten military bases, he said. More than 200 pockets of fire have been registered in the Moscow Military District’s zone of responsibility on Friday.

The Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh, Vladimir and Moscow region are the worst hit.

This from (Itar-Tass) — Forest fires resulting from record-high and long heatwave and drought quickly spread in central Russia because of strong wind on Thursday and destroyed nearly 500 wooden houses forcing rescuers to launch mass evacuation of people.

The emergency department of Nizhni Novgorod region said fires swept away the village of Upper Vereya in less than an hour destroying all the 341 wooden buildings. All the 580 residents of Upper Vereya were evacuated.

“There are no victims and all the people have been accommodated in two school buildings in the town of Vyksha,” a spokesman of the emergency service said.

Houses were also on fire in the village of Tamboles with 308 residents and 205 buildings. Evacuation is underway.

Twelve out of 34 houses were also on fire in the village of Borkovka and residents were evacuated.

The emergency service said additional firefighting teams from neighboring regions have been dispatched.

In Voronezh region raging fires killed a fireman raising the death toll to two, spokeswoman of the Russian Emergency ministry Irina Andiranova said.

Authorities had to bloc traffic on a 100-kilometer section of the Don highway in Voronezh region as surrounding forests were on fire and the smoke reduced visibility to 50 meters.

Fires have surrounded Voronezh outskirts from the north, west and south. Rescuers evacuated over 600 children from summer camps and patients of a hospital. Twenty wooden residential houses were burnt down.

Local emergency service said over 600 hectares of forests were on fire in the past week and close to 50 houses were destroyed.

In Volgograd region forest fires rage on a territory of 200 hectares, however the threat to four residential settlements with 500 residents was eliminated, local emergency service spokeswoman Yelena Rodionova said.

Strong wind aggravated the situation with peat fires in three eastern/southeast districts around Moscow – Yegoryevsk, Kolomna and Shatura, Viktor Klimkin, deputy chief of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry’s Moscow branch said on Thursday night.

“Because of the wind these blazes are moving to the category of crown fires from ground fires,” he said.

Klimkin said the fires do not pose an immediate threat for Moscow.

In the meantime, the Russian Railways Company (RZD) warned raging forest fires may bloc rail traffic to the southeast.

RZD said it may find it necessary to introduce changes in the schedules “to ensure the security of traffic and safety of passengers.”

Russian Video: Heat and Smoke Disaster in Moscow!

Windows to Russia!

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Viktor Yanukovich
Viktor Yanukovych…

Even with the heat and humidity in Kiev, Ukraine you could sense the change in the core feelings of the city. Gone was the deep depression that has been prevalent over the last few years and money could be seen exchanging hands as people purchased goods…

I have written several times about the deep seated depression that overtook Ukraine as they struggled with the financial crises. This was a serious thing to me because I really love Ukraine as a wonderful place to visit and communicate with the people…

I also expressed about the past president and prime minister of Ukraine and how they seemed to be getting rich off the people through various escapades. But the people became more depressed because nothing ever seemed to be there to help these people…

That has changed in Ukraine at least in Kiev. I saw construction projects that had been left abandoned for years. Suddenly they have sprang back to life and are on there way to being completed. I saw new railroad tracks being laid into revived industrial park areas that have so long been abandoned in the past. I saw couples walking hand n hand and the girls even had flowers… :)

This is a wonderful thing that has happened to Kiev and I was very happy myself as I walked the streets of Kiev this time. I have seen the transformation slowly take effect and I have a thought on why everything has changed.

I really believe that Ukraine was intentionally set up for destruction by the Orange revolution that was driven by America and America has no qualms about it. In fact after my last communicate with special interests people in America I have come to the realization that there will be another buildup to the same situation again. The fact that Ukraine has thumbed her nose at NATO and hugged the Russian Bear again has caused deep concern in America for the special interests groups…

Ukraine now has a president (Viktor Yanukovych) that seems to really care and definitely not stealing all the funds from the country.  It seems they have a prime minister now that has much less interests in the absconding of profits from the gas proceeds as the past prime minister did…

Ukraine has a ways to go but I see that it is on the correct path or at least a path that is better than the past.  Ukraine did what was needed and that was to get the Western backed scum out of office…

Lets hope that Ukraine can keep their heads up and keep on the correct path…

Windows to Russia!

Could it be? No America Alleged and we all know how powerful that word is with the western press…

A South Korean newspaper claims Russian investigators have found North Korea did not torpedo one of the South’s warships that sank in spring. The report says the vessel hit a mine.

Russia has not yet commented on the story.

The “Cheonan” sank off the Korean peninsula in March, with the loss of 46 sailors.

Earlier, a US-backed international investigation found Pyongyang responsible. However, Pavel Leshakov, the director of Korean studies at the Moscow State University, says the conclusion is “almost 100 per cent political.”

Russia sent its own team of investigators to the region last month.

North Korea has continuously denied any links to the incident.

The incident has made the tense situation on the divided peninsula even worse. But it could potentially develop to become even uglier, says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

“This is very critical, because if there is a smoking gun – this could have been a set-up, this was some sort of accident made look like hostile action or it was some sort of false flag attack, this could result in war against a nuclear armed-country, North Korea,” Madsen asserts.

Canadian foreign policy analyst Stephen Gowans says war in the region “could be possible, however we can also look at this as an on-going program of the United States and South Korea to impose enormous military pressure on North Korea with the goal of seeing it collapse.”

Pyotr Razvin from the Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry, believes despite the high tension, the chances of an actual war are limited.

“Both North and South Korea see the perspective of a war as mutually assured destruction. If a conflict were to erupt, the Korean peninsula would be economically devastated. Besides, neighboring China has no interest in a war on its borders either, be it a nuclear or not.”

Hummmm where have you heard about this before? But you know America ALLEGED

The UN Refuses to Blame North Korea for the Sinking…

We Alleged So It Must Be True…

North Korean Torpedo is German? (Oh My the Web We Weave)

Russia is Starting To Talk About Korea…

Russia Asks – Did North Korea Sink the Cheonan…

Windows to Russia Was Attacked…

Windows to Russia!

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