Happy 2020 New Year from WtR…

Happy New Year 2020!

It is Russian Christmas and also the New Year. Svetochka and I would like to thank all the readers for the patronage of our blog…

WtR does not ask for much from anyone, just to grab a cup of hot coffee and or hot tea and sit awhile…

The site has gone through changes to keep up with the times:

What do people use to look at our site?

  • Desktop 38%
  • Tablet 6%
  • Mobile 56%

What countries come to WtR? (Top Eleven in 2019 because my home country is at 11th place 😉 )
1. China
2. Canada
3. Germany
4. United Kingdom
5. Russian Federation
6. Israel
7. Austria
8. Australia
9. Switzerland
10. India
11. United States

Number one article recipe 2019: 100,000 + hits

Number one article political 2019: 100,000 + hits

Number one Technology 2019: Just posted and 20,000 + hits

Number one Interesting 2019: 40,000 + hits

Number one for all time: (1,000,000 + hits)

You can kind of see what drives my posting. I post what people read. The low point in readership was when I was in the Tiny Russian Village for a few years. People did not care about how wonderful a Tiny Russian Village was… 🙁

Therefore, have a nice New Year and I will be back in a few days and start posting again…