Its a Russian Thing!

Russians Carry Blastic Bags...

I walk the streets of Moscow and I have noticed a peculiar thing that I find unusual.

Everyone, including children and men carry plastic bags, some small, some big, some in back pockets and some really pretty. They are used to carry any and everything. It is almost a fashion statement for many. The bags usually have a place of business on them. They are fabulous advertisement. My favorite are the big bags that you get at the department stores. They are heavy plastic and will last months.

My Wife, carries one everyday. When I meet her at the bus stop I take the bag. It usually weighs 10,000 kilos. has everything from a book she is reading to boiled Quail eggs. I do not know how she carries it. 🙂

Also, Russian women still carry purses, on top of carrying the bag. Also, in side the bag, you will find more bags, ready to be put in service.

I tried to ignore this bag thing, for I came from America and no self respecting man would carry a bag everywhere. I lost the battle!

Now I carry a bag in my back pocket, So that I can carry treasures that I find on my excursions around Moscow. 🙂

Windows to Russia!

I even saw the people in small Villages carry the bags also.