Leschinsky Sisters not to Return to Foster Parents…

Children's Rights Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov...

Latest Update on the Leschinsky Sisters:

Russian Children Rights Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said the three Leschinsky sisters abused by their foster parents will not return to the US.

He believes there is enough proof of tortures to cancel the adoption.

A US court is currently holding hearings into the case of the Leschinsky couple, charged with abuse of their adopted daughters, aged from 12 to 14.

Revealing various forms of punishment administered by their adoptive parents, the girls said they were ordered, among other things, to do push-ups above a board studded with nails.

Russian orphans adopted by foreigners can be protected by the US-Russian draft agreement on adoption, planned to be signed by the end of this year, Pavel Astakhov said.

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Original Source: Voice of Russia