Western press Once Again Judges Russia Different!

Windows to Russia!
I read 3 (three) articles today from main Western press sources. Multiples of forum articles and multiple of blog articles. The main consensus of the articles stated that it is obvious who is in charge in Russia. Putin is the one going to the World Economic Forum (Davos) and that means Putin Runs Russia!

But: The U.S. is only sending a top Obama advisor (Who is it?) and confidant Valerie Jarrett. Unless I am confused, that means Obama does not run the USA! By using Western press standards for Russia – a top Obama advisor (Who is it?) and confidant Valerie Jarrett run the USA.

This is an everyday example of the Western press twisting the information to make Russia something she is not.

So Valerie Jarrett: I guess you run America…

Kyle & Svet

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Medvedev went in 2007 but I guess we have a short memory and no one said: “I guess we know who is running Russia, Medvedev went to Davos!”

What is Russia up to: January 27th, 2009!

Windows to Russia!
Looks like Russia is up to her normal stuff…

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has paid a pleasant state visit to Uzbekistan. He came back to Moscow with some delicious Uzbek flat-bread, some natural gas and a honorary PhD from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent.

While Medvedev was trotting around the country enjoying life, Russia was redrawing borders between Georgia and Russia…

The legal registration of Russia’s shared borders with newly proclaimed independent states began on Tuesday with the appointment of the special presidential representative on the demarcation of borders with CIS countries. Otherwise from now on all Russian maps printed are to have a designated border for South Ossetia and Abkhazia. (That will upset Saakashvili)

So while Russia is making Saakashvili life miserable, lets go to Kiev for a second and see why it is no longer free to go to a cemetery…

The mayor of Kiev – Leonid Chernovetsky, known for his extravagant initiatives, has invented a new way to increase the city’s budget. From now on, people will have to pay for visiting Kiev’s cemeteries. (What!)

OK that just kinda falls into place with what I saw about Kiev for almost two weeks and no thank you that is just not right. Now while we talk about cemeteries, the thought of churches come up and issue such as who is the new head of the Orthodox church?

Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad has been elected the new head of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Council, which comprised clergymen, monks and laymen, announced on Tuesday the results of the voting for the post of Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia.

That is cool so now we wander to a not so cool – Ukraine flapping it jaws again about the Black Sea Fleet…

Some media sources earlier cited an anonymous Russian Navy official as saying that Russia is planning to redeploy a submarine from the Northern Fleet to the Sevastopol base in Ukraine’s Crimea, which triggered Kiev’s angry response.

Kiev never shuts it mouth on certain issues, what Kiev needs to do is concentrate on Ukraine and quit worrying about Russia.

So once again Russia is going round and round with her next door neighbors and it does not look like it will settle down anytime soon.

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News From Russia: January 27th 2009!

Windows to Russia!The Local Council of the Russian Orthodox Church is in Moscow to elect a newWindows to Russia! Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Metropolitan Filaret of Minsk and Slutsk has withdrawn from the election, leaving just two candidates. (Link)

Could a car thief, who stole a $US 45,000 offroader in Moscow last night, have ever imagined that it belongs to, of all things, the Orthodox Church? (Link)

Financial crises, the recent gas dispute with Ukraine and his love of ice cream – these are some of the issues Prime Minister Vladimir Putin touched upon in an interview with American news agency Bloomberg. (Link)

Gold has held above $900 per ounce this week for the first time since October 2008 with investors increasingly looking for shelter from worries over the global financial system and volatile currencies. (Link)

Russia’s northern capital St. Petersburg is marking 65 years since the breaking of the Nazi blockade. Formerly known as Leningrad, the city lived through 900 days of starvation and horror. (Link)

A Russian NCO has been captured by Georgian special service personnel in South Ossetia, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday. (Link)

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From Russia: Sunken Treasure Ship with a Soviet Past!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Seems to be the week to find underwater treasures. As I was drinking my morning cup of coffee I found this tidbit of an article.

A treasure-filled vessel discovered off the coast of Guyana may contain 10 tonnes of gold, 70 tonnes of platinum, 1 1/2 tonnes of industrial diamonds and 16 million carats of gem-quality diamonds, making it the most valuable underwater discovery ever. (Link)

Seems that this could be the largest dollar value underwater salvage job ever found. There also seems to be a blend of several countries wealth aboard this vessel. It is said that the primary cargo was mostly Soviet and the rest from Britain. This means that Russia could have a huge say in the split up of the treasure. This also means that many of the CIS countries could have a word or two to say about the treasure.

The ship Blue Baron was on its way to America from a European port, bearing cargo for the U.S. Treasury. It was intercepted near the shores of Guyana by a German submarine, which sank the Blue Baron in 250 meter deep water. The Blue Baron sank with its treasure worth approximately US$ 3.5 billion.

I say: That something of this value will be tied up in court for a very long time…

Kyle & Svet

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The ship in question, the “Blue Baron”, was attacked and sunk by a German U-Boat in June 1942. Through extensive and intensive research, Sub Sea navigated through the wreckage to discover large amounts of wealth, previously unknown to the world. The ship is thought to have been carrying tons of precious metals, several thousand tons of tin and copper, all of which are presently hidden amongst the debris. The total worth of the cargo equals out to more than four billion dollars, with the tin and copper alone valued at $165 million dollars. (Link)