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A U.S. court has issued a summons to the woman who adopted a seven-year-old Russian boy and later put him on a plane back to Moscow with a note saying that she didn’t want him anymore. The woman who is Tory-Ann Hansen, has been ordered to appear at a child support hearing…

Hansen has refused to settle in any manner and has refused to acknowledge any facts about the case. In fact she has acted like she has done nothing wrong by dumping Artyom. In fact the legal system in America has nothing to handle such a case in a court of law. So in December 2011, her legal counsel filed a motion to dismiss child support claims made by the adoption agency, the World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP). This seems to be the only legal way to force Hansen to accept the situation and understand how terrible of an act that she did to a wonderful little boy…

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Artyom (Artem) is doing great at the orphanage and will most likely stay there until he is 18. Many Russians have asked to adopt Artyom but with the psychological stress that Hansen applied to him. The Russian government has felt that he needs to stay where he is at due to the fact that he is happy and content at the orphanage…

She needs to pay child support because you just do not toss a kid away like a bad apple…

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