This Year the Victory in the Patriotic War Celebration may also be the Great Amnesty!

I found this to be extremely interesting:

MOSCOW, February 25 (Itar-Tass) — About 45,000 people may be amnestied on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the chairman of the State Duma Committee for Civil, Criminal, Arbitration and Procedural Legislation, Pavel Krasheninnikov, who also co-chairs the Association of Russian Lawyers, said at a meeting of the association’s presidium on Thursday.

“We propose to announce amnesty on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, but the number of amnestied convicts (subject to the amnesty) should not be very wide,” he said. Alongside, Krasheninnikov believes that war veterans, elderly people and disabled people, as well as people, who did not commit grave crimes, should be subject to amnesty.

“According to the preliminary estimates, we believe that the amnesty may embrace 300,000 citizens, about 45,000 people will be released from penitentiaries,” he said.

I went Hummm…

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Russia Says : What Kinda Of Fool Do You Think We Are?

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia will not support “crippling” sanctions against Iran, including any that may be slapped on the Islamic Republic’s banking or energy sectors, a senior Russian diplomat said Wednesday. (Link)

Russia nor China will support crippling sanctions and the reason is that America is using these sanctions to cripple and hurt the people in Iran. America hopes to have a continuation of the uprisings that America is fueling in Iran.

As Russia says:

“We are not got going to work on sanctions or measures which could lead to the political or economic or financial isolation of this country,” Oleg Rozhkov, deputy director of the security affairs and disarmament department at Russia’s Foreign Ministry, told reporters.

“What relation to non-proliferation is there in forbidding banking activities with Iran? This is a financial blockade. And oil and gas. These sanctions are aimed only at paralyzing the country and paralyzing the regime.”

Russia is correct and sanctions are not the answer if the people in the country suffer. This is not and should never be a personal issue and it looks more and more everyday that America has a personal vindication to settle with Iran…

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Thank Goodness: Yulia in Ukraine has Backed Down!

Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has dropped her legal challenge against her rival’s victory in Ukraine’s presidential election.

Mrs Tymoshenko said the court was not interested in giving her justice in her case against winner Viktor Yanukovych.

The Kiev court had suspended the result when Mrs Tymosheko appealed on Tuesday, claiming the poll was rigged.

International monitors deemed the vote free and fair, and Mr Yanukovych is due to be inaugurated on 25 February.

Ukrainian Central Electoral Commission’s declaration on Sunday that Mr Yanukovych had won the vote by a margin of 3.48%.

Mrs Tymoshenko complained that the court proceedings were biased against her.

“Given that the court is refusing to establish the truth in essence, I withdrew my lawsuit at today’s morning sitting of the Supreme Administrative Court and asked the court to stop this show, which bears no resemblance to justice,” she said.

I know Russia is happy about this and I am glad that Yulia is going away but I still have reservations about Viktor Yanukovych… (Lessor of two evils?)

May Ukraine start healing from this point on…

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Russia’s New S-400 Anti Aircraft Missile Systems is on the Job!

I have waited for this to be announced!

If you are like me and like Big Military Toys then this video is for you. My past draws my interest to weapons such as this form and style because I go back into the Lance Missile era! I trained on that weapon! I remember how excited the Military was that the Lance was picked to be able to utilize the neutron bomb. That was an interesting and unforgettable era of my life…

So the missile mounted on a truck has always been a favorite of mine, in fact I got to experience Germany because of the Lance Missile!

The Russian S-400 Anti Aircraft Missile is a defensive missile instead of an offensive missile like the Lance. The S-400 is more closely related to America’s Patriot in job category and usage. I would give the edge to the improved S-400 over the Patriot as the Patriot has been allowed to stagnate in development…

The Russian S-300 is the version that Iran should receive from Russia. Israel and America would have a bad time in bombing Iran’s nuclear sites if the S-300 was protecting Iran.

Watch the video. I liked it…

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Snow and Ice Removal in Russia!

Above – Three days have gotten this far…
Above – Nice looking yucky ice to place near the playground…
Above – Hard at work…

The last few days I have been watching how they are cleaning the streets in our complex! I have watched all winter but they have changed their tactics now…

Now they are chopping the ice and hauling it off one wheelbarrow at a time.

The normal method is to use huge homemade stick brooms –>

Then just sweep the snow up in piles and haul it off in a wheelbarrow… (When the snow is to deep to sweep – we don’t remove it!)

When we lived in Moscow, City there was a combination snowplow and workers like this, cleaning the streets. Here where we live now (Moscow Region), I have not seen a snowplow but I have seen a couple of road-graders…

It is interesting to watch them because when it starts snowing again they disappear. No more chopping ice for the day. It started to snow a few minutes ago and they scurried as fast as they can… :)

Now you know a little more about Russia!

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PS: Tidbit of information – It was -15 degrees Celsius when I took these pictures!