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Windows to Russia

Yesterday I posted an article that got a bit of heat going in America: Is It Censorship If You Keep It Within Your Borders?

Sometimes you have to tell it like it is and this is one of those times. The article mentioned above got slammed and a news site printed it also, called Mizozo. I also sent emails to anyone that I could to express my dissatisfaction to as a American reader in Russia. This combination gave me a flurry of e-mails that seemed to all have a general sense of we are sorry but we had you blocked because of bad IP activity on your IP! (But they never really say they are sorry)
Here is one of the emails:
Dear peppy200,

It was brought to our attention that we had inadvertently blocked IP’s from certain Russian sections of Russia Moscow.
It was a non intentional default of protection software.
This e-mail is in response to an inquiry that directed our attention to our error and hope that this opens up ability to view said content.

This is a non reply e-mail

This e-mail was sent to, based on initial correspondence.

Please note that you must use this e-mail address to any future correspondence.

To manage your e-mail preferences, update your account settings.

Message Category: Miscellaneous

I like the fact that I become peppy200 instead of Kyle as is how I signed each letter. Then they say this is a non reply email but down farther they say use this email address to contact them, if any more questions. But that is OK. At first I thought is this an automated response, then after I saw that access was opening back up to certain sites, I knew that humans were involved somewhere.

So what is blocking an IP about? This article will tell you and it seems that I was on a area specific type of IP ban. That means that I was banned by the area I live in. Usually banned due to country web style attacks. Other words I was not blocked because of who I am. I was blocked because of were I live. :(

I definitely stirred up the DC crowd again and this time instead of comments. I got emails! (To comment on Windows to Russia now asks for positive ID and if you do not have a verifiable email then your comment never appears. This has saved me tons of issues lately. Anyone say Censor?) These emails were in the same wonderful format that their comment would be but at least I am the only one who has to see such statements. :) (Yes one of them even threatened to come to Moscow and ****** slap me silly!)

I will never be able to get everywhere that I want, but my only goal was to get to news sites unrestricted. You Tube will be a censored nightmare because individuals make up a decision as to what countries they want to view their videos and most people are prejudice even though they will not admit it. I succeeded in what I want to do…

So to summarize all this: Censorship is here to stay. It seems that censorship is in all forms. We censor comments, we censor countries, we censor areas, we censor cities and we censor individuals. (So on and so on) I understand certain restrictions because some humans seem to be unable to control their outbursts of rage without using vulgarity and threats. These same humans have forced me to control comments beyond the point I want to. But I have many school children that use the website and the last thing I need is the comment section having cuss words and death threats. Yes – because of a handful of “rotten eggs”…

I was censored because of being part of a perceived bigger problem. It is called blacklisting! Because you are on a blacklist does not mean that you can not be put on a white list. At least I will see less of the picture above!

I am white again…

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: I visited the Best of Russia 2009 photo exhibition. Given my personal interest in the subject, I wanted to say a few words about photography.

In historical terms, photography is a relatively young art, only a little more than 150 years old. All art forms share the common function of helping to represent the surrounding world, see something new in it, something we hadn’t noticed previously, learn something we hadn’t known earlier.

Photography also has a specific function of its own. Whether daguerreotype or digital, taking photos is a fairly straightforward procedure and photography can therefore seem a simple affair, just a form of amusement that gives us all the chance to snap away on anything from the best camera to the most basic model. But as the years pass, each negative created, or each digital file, takes on special significance in that it remains an exact copy of a particular moment in life, and in this sense creates a particular atmosphere for the photographer, for those in the photo, if it is a photo of people, and for those simply viewing the photo.

I think that the main sense of photography, of photos as an art, lies in that they capture the special sadness of moments already gone and never to be returned. This is photography’s real meaning, I think.

People often ask me how long I’ve been interested in photography. My interest dates back a long time. I first got into it probably almost 35 years ago, as a child, when I spent time at the Pioneers’ Palace. I had a marvellous camera – a Smena 8M. Anyone involved in photography back then will know that this was the cheapest, most basic model of Soviet camera, with the worst optics – well, with the most ordinary optics, shall we say – and probably the most difficult to use. It was hard to use because there was no range finder. You had to do everything by eye, decide on the exposure. The camera had none of the features needed for taking good quality photos.

But this very lack of features was a good thing really because it meant you had to put effort into taking photos, learn to judge the exposure, the light, the contrast. It meant learning by trial and error. Then there was working with the negatives, the whole process of developing, fixing, printing, repeating these procedures, drying the photo, and this is all a part of my life that I will never forget. Perhaps it is for this reason that photography still interests me so.

True, there was a long period when I stopped taking photos, and then I started again, as an adult this time, probably after 30, and I got really interested in it once more after it became possible to buy modern cameras.

What to take photos of? Anyone who picks up a camera asks themselves this question. I like to photograph nature, architecture, and of course, people. Though, to be honest, photographing people is no easy task for me because, given my job, it would look a bit strange if I were to suddenly turn up with a camera in my hand and start taking photos of people. I’m afraid it would make people wonder what on earth I think I’m up to. But I enjoy photographing all other kinds of objects. Of course, the results vary, as is the case for anyone taking photos.

As far as technology goes, people also often ask me in blogs what kind of camera I use. These days we are lucky in having such a big range to choose from. Around ten years ago, I bought several decent Canon cameras, the ones that use film. These days, I mostly use digital technology, but sometimes I still like to use film. It is more complicated, true, but it has its own special appeal.

I like to use different kinds of cameras. Here is one of them, one that your average person would find rather complicated to use. This is a Leica, a classical Leica, and this is the new M9 digital version. I use other cameras too – Canon and Nikon, for example, good digital wide-lens cameras. I recently got the chance to try out the new Leica, and I must say that this is a good camera, and I notice that photographers have praised it. It is quite a complicated camera, but has high resolution capability and a very good matrix – in other words, it has a large number of pixels.

When I get a free moment I try to take some photos. I don’t just take photos at home, but take my camera with me on practically every trip. To tell the truth, I often don’t end up getting the chance to actually use it, and if I do, I usually end up photographing mostly the views from the residences or hotels I stay at, or even out the car window, but when I do get the chance the resulting photos have an interest for me as memories of the places I’ve visited, and I travel a lot.

That is about all I wanted to say about my interest in photography. I hope that this art will continue to develop. This excellent exhibition that I just visited presents a picture of our country, a picture of the specific moment in time that was 2009. These photos represent photography at its highest, when each photo is a work of art in itself. These are random shots, but what is most important is that they are all little pieces of our country and our life in 2009. I think these exhibitions are of interest for everyone and they attract all kinds of people, from masters in the art with years of experience to those taking their first shots on an inexpensive camera. Here, they are all equals and this is really good to see.

I wish you all good luck with your photos. I think this is a fine art and also a fine way to pass the time.

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

I have several articles about the fiasco that GM made in Germany over the sale of its division Opel. Now GM is trying to continue the fiasco and play games with Germany. This is months after saying that GM will keep Opel and can make it better.

General Motors Europe on Tuesday finally announced the details of its plan to restructure German car-maker Opel. In addition to thousands of job cuts, GM wants 2.7 billion euros from European governments. Opposition to the plan is building in Germany. (Link)

This is the same deal being drug into the mud after GM refused to sell Opel to a Canadian/Russian group called Magna/Sberbank. Germany had approved the Magna/Sberbank for buying and saving the Opel company with the least amount of disruption of the German country.

But GM being also know now as Government Motors (GM) due to huge bailouts by the government from peoples tax money. Said that they can turn Opel around.
This has gone over like a dead fish on the beach and Germany is having real issues with Government Motors (GM) and the lies.
Looks like Germany needs to tell GM and America to stick it where the sun do not shine! Then just tell GM to do what they said they could do. Save the Opel company – Since it does still belong to GM (America) and if they can not save it, then sell it to Magna/Sberbank like they should have in the first place…
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

I realize that many American people do not notice this sort of thing and if I still lived in America, I would not care either. But since I live in Russia and rely upon local and national news sources in America for my news. There is a problem that has developed with American Press.

I have watched over the last few years, a slow but noticeable censorship of videos and websites coming out of America. I try to watch videos from local news stations all over America and half the time get a well worn message: “sorry the content is unavailable in your country.” This applies to websites and videos!

I can get around this issue by using a proxy that tells everyone that I am from the USA. “But doesn’t that seem like censorship?”

This does not always work if I use a proxy from the UK and other parts of Europe. In fact I have found that the dividing line on news is now more closely related to American news against the rest of the world. I see a tightening of American borders in all aspects including media…

I was just hunting down some information on the statement by America that we will supply radioactive isotopes to Iran and are calling Iran’s bluff… :)

Out of 10 websites of news, I got one video to work without telling me that famous quote above. I was told that I could not even view the printed material on 3 of the sites.

Now let me search the Eastern websites and I find no restrictions and have all the news at hand. I try to use American press because that really is all that Americans will begin to believe, but as time goes by the American news is getting harder to get because of censorship.
So looks like European and Eastern news sources are going to become the way to knowledge.
That is OK by me!
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.
Update: Yesterday when I wrote this article I also decided to mail off multiples of emails to all sites that I had issues with. We will not get into who and what they are (right now) because I am getting responses back already. Last night I received three emails that all had about the same basic content! There was no apologies, but there was a release of my IP and I can say truthfully that I now have access where I did not have access yesterday: (Don’t you like how your name becomes your email.)

Dear peppy200,

It was brought to our attention that we had inadvertently blocked IP’s from certain Russian sections of Russia Moscow.

It was a non intentional default of protection software.

This e-mail is in response to an inquiry that directed our attention to our error and hope that this opens up ability to view said content.

This is a non reply e-mail

This e-mail was sent to, based on initial correspondence.

Please note that you must use this e-mail address to any future correspondence.

To manage your e-mail preferences, update your account settings.

Message Category: Miscellaneous

So maybe my grandma was right: “The squeaky wheel gets the grease!” :)
Looks like I was just part of a blanket IP block most likely due to virus issues and such..

The playground is a clear as it is because the kids pack the snow even tighter. The park bench is getting ready to go under. The train floats on the surface.

I find it interesting how American press has just gone crazy on the snow in East Coast America. As I sit here in Russia and watch it snow again and again! I would say out of the last 60 days it has snowed 55 of those days. The multiples of feet of snow is packed down to about a foot and a half. It is like a solid sheet of ice now. All areas can virtually be transversed safely (pertains to not sinking out of sight) because the surface is like rock. The sidewalks are sometimes two feet higher than in the summer and stepping off the side walk can be a very dangerous proposition. The work crews have big metal rods with a strong steel blade on the end and they chop for hours trying to clear a path for people to walk. My favorite thing is when they chop a set of stairs from the road surface to the sidewalk. Sometimes it can be several stairs high…

I would imagine that the people who live in Michigan and the Dakotas plus other states in America really wonder what is wrong with some people at times! I have friends in the North part of America, that are use to having so much snow that their car disappears every year and they never complain about the snow. (Really it seems to me that the normal people are not really complaining, but that the Government and press are making a big deal out of it?)
The big difference is that in America the snow melts, except maybe the farthest North areas. In Moscow Russia the snow just keeps getting deeper. We have what seems to be about 6 months of Winter. The temperature just never goes about 0 degrees for months and months…
I never realized what snowpack was about because I do not ski, but now I know. Most snow that I have seen in the Midwest America was heavy and deep but within a week it was gone and ready for the next snow…
I said to Svetlana the other day, “Either I am getting taller or all these trees and road signs are getting much shorter!” As a tree limb was trying to poke me in the eye that in summer would have been at least two feet above my head. :)
Boza loves it because he can dig anywhere (He has a lot of terrier in him) and not get in trouble. He likes to dig as fast as he can into the packed snow, throwing ice everywhere. Then he sticks his head way down into the hole he dug and growls at what ever imaginary creature he is digging for. Then he runs and digs another hole. So far, he never hits dirt and when he does, I will know Spring is coming.
As I sit here writing this and the snow falls outside…
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

I have been posting about the fact that Russia wanted to buy a French made Mistral-class amphibious assault ship! I have posted about the fact that the French agreed to sell said ship to Russia! Now we get to post about France having to defend her decision on why she sold the ship to Russia:

French President – Sarkozy told U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates at a brief meeting on Monday that in his opinion the sale did not pose a military problem because Russia should be treated as a real partner. “One cannot expect Russia to behave as a partner if we don’t treat it as one,” Sarkozy said.

NATO is in Moscow right now and this subject is sure to cause a few rumbles. NATO wants Russian help but wants it on NATO terms. So just days after NATO and Russian officials clashed at the Munich Security Conference, a group of prominent experts from the NATO alliance is to arrive in Moscow on Tuesday. (Feb. 9th 2010)

The Western press lit up with astonishment over the fact that France sold this ship to Russia! It seems that all the previous letters and demanding statements from America and NATO did not curtail the sale. The opinion type articles, about how Russia can use this craft for evil and destructive intentions to control the world at large has flourished in the media and still evince the networks.
Now lets see what else can Russia buy, to have more NATO toys to play with…
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.
“French Defense Minister Herve Morin said on Monday it was time to turn the page on Cold War-era antagonisms with Russia and start a new relationship with Moscow through new exchanges.”

Hot off Russia’s Interfax news:

“Yulia Tymoshenko’s bloc has said it will contest in court the conduct of the Ukrainian presidential election she appears to have narrowly lost.

Deputy leader Elena Shustik said the bloc would contest results at some polling stations and ask for a recount, Russia’s Interfax news agency reports.
Another bloc official accused Viktor Yanukovych’s party of falsification.”

A really big mistake that Viktor made was to threaten Yulia with her job as Prime Minister in front of the world. I see the push for a third round of voting coming. She has nothing to loose and will go down fighting. Taking Ukraine with her…
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.
PS: Lets hope she changes her mind!

Russian Doughnuts (Ponchiki) is a wonderful treat and easy to make. Very likely you have all these ingredients available in the household and on a snowy winter day or night these doughnuts are a great treat for kids young and old! So when you can not drive to the store to get your favorite doughnut, try these Russian doughnuts – They may become your new favorite…

Lets gather the Ingredients:
2 eggs
4 tbsp sugar
quarter stick softened margarine or 25 grams (butter is better)
1/2 cup milk (I like to use sourcream)
2 cups self raising flour (or 2 cups plain flour and heaping 1 tsp baking powder)
1/2 tsp powdered cinnamon (no sugar in it)
1/2 cup vegetable oil (for the skillet to fry the doughnuts)

Lets Mix them there doughnuts:

Melt the margarine or butter. Pour into a mixing bowl with the eggs and sugar until creamy smooth.

Then add the milk and mix another 30 seconds.

Add 1 1/2 cups flour and the cinnamon into another mixing bowl and make sure mixed into a blended product. Then gradually stir in the liquid from the first mixing bowl until you make a bread like dough.

Continue to knead the mix to make a smooth elastic dough, while adding half the remaining flour and then add the rest as needed to create a dough that does not stick to the sides of the bowl. (This mixing should be done by hand.)

Roll the dough out to around quarter inch thick. Cut out rings of dough using two concentric cutting circles. Two different cookie cutters are great as long as there is about a half inch difference in circumference.

Lets cook them there doughnuts:

Heat a skillet with the vegetable oil on medium – not too hot.

Drop the dough rings into the oil when oil is hot and cook until lightly golden. Flipping doughnuts over as one side browns and get the other side.

Temperature is important because the doughnuts will puff up and cook only on the outside. (Better to cook more slowly then fast!)

Remove the cooked doughnuts from the skillet and set aside onto a plate covered with paper towels.

Lets eat them there doughnuts:

Eat them while still warm, sprinkled with powdered sugar, or cinnamon sugar and dip in your favorite icing.


Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

France OKs carrier sale to Russia:
08 February, 2010

France has agreed to sell the Mistral helicopter carrier to Russia. The Russian Navy also has its eyes on three more similar vessels in the future.

The approval of the defense deal was announced Monday by Jacques de Lajugie, the international development director of France’s armaments board Delegation Generale pour l’Armement (DGA). He added the possible addition of three more helicopter carriers has only been discussed on the technical level, not on the political.

Russia’s Navy voiced its intention to buy a helicopter carrier last year. The goal is to study the technology and tactical advantages of such a ship.

The French warship Mistral is the main candidate for the purchase, and she even paid a three-day visit to St. Petersburg in November so that top brass could examine it personally. However, the final decision has not yet been made and Russia is considering alternatives.

France currently has two vessels of this class deployed, which means additional warships will have to be commissioned if Russia wants an extra three. Some Russian Navy officials also speculated that the Mistral can go with a license to build similar vessels in Russian shipyards.

Hummmmm! That was not surprising to me and most on this side of the world but now lets see what good ole America prints about this predicament…
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

NATO Wants Russia to believe:

NATO is not an enemy of Russia,” NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in an interview on the sidelines of a security conference in Munich.

Russia does not believe NATO:

President Dmitry Medvedev signed into approval his country’s new military doctrine Friday. The doctrine identifies one of the “main external threats of war” as NATO’s expansion east to Russia’s borders, and it sees U.S. plans to create an anti-missile shield in Europe as a concern for national security. It also reaffirms Russia’s right to use nuclear weapons if the country’s existence is threatened.

Why is this? Because the lies run deep! Russia has learned what my Grandma always said, “Only believe half of what you are told, the other half is a lie!”

For Russia it will be a long time until she will believe anything the Wests says…

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

Putin talking to the United Russia leaders on taking care of the masses, this last Friday!

Putin said, “You mustn’t become ‘promise makers,’ who just make these promises to throw dust in peoples’ eyes so that you can get into power and start settling your own personal problems.” This is according to a statement on the government web site.

Do you think he has any Western Politicians in mind when he lectures to his government like this?
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.
PS: Another famous quote for Politicians and Promises -Nikita Khrushchev once said: “Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.”

One thing that I have discovered about the modern Russian people is that they truly believe in discussion as a first resort. There is none of this “strike now and talk later” issues.

I learned this from the Georgian war and saw that Russia tried to contact the UN and such about the Georgia strike against South Ossetia… (Don’t remember that do you? That is because the Western press refused to print it.) Russia tried to get some attention before they ripped Georgia apart! When their issues was vetoed by America at the UN in an emergency meeting over the situation – Russia went it alone.

Now in tradition that I see befitting of the Russians:

For the first time since 2007 the political leader of Hamas is due in Moscow for talks on how to unite Palestinians and resume talks with Israel.

The talks come just two weeks after Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas visited Russia.

The two factions split in 2006 with Hamas seizing the Gaza strip following violence a year later.

According to a Hamas representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan, who is among the delegation members, the “visit of the Hamas delegation to Russia is paid at the invitation of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.”

“The visit is held within the framework of permanent consultations of the Islamic Resistance Movement with the Russian authorities. We intend to maintain this dialogue,” the Hamas representative said.

Russia remains the only member of the Middle East Quartet to openly talk with Hamas.

Interesting how the world turns their back on the real Russia. I just ask when will the world open their eyes and see the Russia that is always trying to keep the Middle East together and not bomb it into submission.

I had someone say how can you say Russia wants peace when they did the same to Afghanistan?

I respond, That was not Russia – That was the Soviet Union and they are gone or haven’t you noticed?
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

In Ukraine nothing is done until “well” it is done! I have stayed very quiet about all the exit poll statements that give Viktor Yanukovych the presidency over Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. The Western press and half the Eastern press have given the win to Viktor. I like to be more accurate on what I print and exit polls at 50% of the vote is not accuracy…

The gap has closed steadily and surly as all the votes come in. Looks like it is much closer than you think. Statements of: It will be a week before all final results will be tallied, the gap between candidates has narrowed to less than 3% with only 80% of the vote counted and the fact that the Ukraine embassy in Moscow shut the doors early against a whole bunch of voters for the Ukraine election shows that issues are far from secure.

The last video shows how many people were denied the right to vote at the Ukraine Embassy in Moscow and if it happened here in Moscow it happened all over the world.

Democracy is they name…

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

PS: Update – Yulia Tymoshenko has further cut Viktor Yanukovych’s lead in Ukraine’s presidential runoff to 2.09%, the Central Election Commission said on Monday.
According to a commission update, with 95.04% of the vote counted, Yanukovych is leading with 48.23% of the vote and Tymoshenko is running close with 46.14%.
KIEV, February 8 (RIA Novosti)

I had a good reader send me a article link that is very important. (Link to the article) I let this article slide because I have all this type of information been constantly fed from the Kremlin website and I just read and tossed aside. I realize that was a mistake… (Some items I still need to address.)

MOSCOW — It’s the near future. Russia is a thriving multi-party democracy with a media free of state control. It has become a member of NATO and is thinking of joining the European Union.

A crazed fantasy? This was the vision put forward Wednesday by a think-tank set up by President Dmitry Medvedev of the path Russia needs to take in the next years.

This is an important change of thoughts in Russia. Putin and Medvedev have this goal and before the release of this information those two had a big meeting and decided the game plan so to speak.

If you look at the sidebar on Windows to Russia. You will see a title called:
Kremlin.Ru: Unified Wire Service:

This is a direct feed that comes from the presidents website in Moscow. This is how I follow the happenings in the Kremlin. You can expect the list to be virtually all new items everyday. That is how active the site has become. Medvedev is very open about what he does and tries to assure that everything gets posted properly. I really only see one area that needs to improve and think that they need to start giving more information about the meetings between Medvedev and Putin. This would help dispel all these rumors about a rift between powers, now and to be! But I really think as the site develops they will start including more about their meetings…

I installed this feed to be visible, for helping on that very reason. So that people in the world could see what the Kremlin is up to! I use to post directly most of these articles, but they are too numerous now and I feel that this way gives you a better choice of links to follow and study Medvedev’s plans for the future…
Russia is a democracy but it will be a democracy done the Russian way. America has already proven that her way of democracy has failed and needs a pivotal revamp.
Strange that the Western world can not see that Russia has big plans with World at large and America is really not in that initial list…
Windows to Russia!
comment always welcome.

If sanction support from China against Iran was even a consideration at any point. That point is gone. America has sufficiently pissed China off to exclude any form of help for at least a year on the political front. I read the Western press and their stories how China and America go through this all the time. I read how this is really no big deal… (Ok…)

I hate to pass on the news but what I hear coming from China and Asia is not good and America has awakened a normally quiet semi-foe. China does not jest this time when she says, something that resembles, The Reciprocation’s will not be pleasant!
So while the USA throws out her chest and says: China will adjust her currency, China will learn about trade laws, China will have Human Rights, China will help on Iran, China will not worry about arms sales to Taiwan and China don’t worry that Obama will meet with Dali Lama no matter what you think!
China has a quiet disposition and the patience that America has no understanding about. China will wait for the right time and retribution will be much worse than a bunch of ill timed words that stir up trouble…
Besides Russia has not changed her mind and will not be backing these sanctions either. One thing about Russia is that they can express a worry without having to feel they must carry through after expressing that worry.
China and Russia are much too involved politically and financially with Iran just to turn their back on her. Also when America is seen as a bigger issue and threat to the world than Iran…
Funny thing: Seems like America has pissed Russia and China off on purpose in the last few weeks. Could they then feel free to blame Russian and China for an ensuing attack on Iran nuclear sites? With the huge build up of warships near Iran… (No Support, so we had to do it to ensure the safety of the world! All Russia and China’s fault…)
Makes me go Hummmm!
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

This is one of my favorite pictures!

It is official: Russians have visa free travel with South Ossetians. Svetlana thinks this is cool because we can travel there no with no hassles. South Ossetia is a beautiful country and will make a good trip coming up in the next year.

This has caused Georgia to get all red faced and make strange angry noises! (Really – they did not like this visa free thing…)
Every step that Russia takes is just one more conformation of non re tractability by Russia. Even though Russia has said, we do not and will not ever change our mind on South Ossetia. Georgia has insisted that South Ossetia is an intricate part of Georgia! I think that Georgia should have thought of that before they went and tried to level South Ossetia to the ground with Grad Rockets and tanks!
Georgia screams, “Russia violates the International Standards!”
It should be unnecessary to mention that the recognition of the two former Georgian republics was triggered by nothing else but Georgia’s violation of the same international standards in August 2008!

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

It is fun to watch the Western world get their faces all twisted up in a tissy when Russia does things that are considered bad and evil by Western standards. Even when it is the West that helps do these evil things…

What am I talking about?

The proposed sale of the French navy’s 23,700-ton Mistral-class amphibious assault ship to Russia by a NATO country, France!

This seems to me to be more of a chess game tactic by Putin to obtain a vessel. The actuality is Russia does needs the ship to be able to enhance the fleet and give helper blueprints to produce her own assault ships of said design.
But that said: If Russia does not obtain such a ship, it still will not prevent a future development of said assault ships. So Putin sees a way to increase the Navy now – not later – but in the end run, it will all be the same results…
The West tries to play the issue of a weak Navy by Russia who needs this assault ship to help her! Russia has played well on that part and recently released a statement that riled up America:

The Russian navy’s commander, Vladimir S. Vysotsky, said recently that Mistral ships would be a welcome addition to his aging fleet and that had they been available in 2008, the Russians would have defeated Georgia “within 40 minutes.”

Vladimir Putin, added to the jitters, telling reporters during a visit to Paris in November: “I can assure you that if we purchase this armament, we will use it wherever deemed necessary.” This was on Russian national TV!

Putin has made a chess move…

Putin is playing on the several little known facts:

One, that Germany is a powerhouse of an exporter to Russia. France has caught this idea that Russia can be a good safe customer and is trying to enter the market to get her share of the pie.
Two, he is also playing the NATO issue of enhanced relations and closer ties!
Three, he is playing on the fact that 1000’s of French workers need the sale because the building shipyards are getting close to reducing the work force. There are no orders for these ships and Russia actually has suggested three ships to be bought. That means years of work for French employees…
Russia is not an enemy of Europe, in fact the opposite is true. Russia is a friend to Europe and the more that America gets shoved aside (due to lessoning influence) the more pronounced Europe will see a good Russia! (Is that possible?)
Six Republican senators from America, including John McCain (Ariz.), wrote a letter in December to the French ambassador in Washington, Pierre Vimont, complaining that the sale would be inappropriate because it would suggest that France approves of Russia’s conduct, which the letter called increasingly aggressive and illegal. (Lions, Tigers and Elephants – Oh My!)
Just maybe France does approve! Has America stopped to think about that?
I have thought about it and it is none of my American beeswax if Russia wants to buy an assault ship….

By the way this picture came from compliments of the US Coast Guard Blog!
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I received 5 comments last night while sleeping that were the icing on the cake and if people can not comment with out curse words, death threats and racial remarks – Then do they really need to be commenting?
One icing on the cake was a very rude racial comment to a very good reader of ours. That “broke the camels back” so to say…
Another one that pissed me off was an insulting comment about my wife for being a Russian Jew! This particular comment was originated in Washington DC in America! Washington DC is the king for rude and crude comments according to my records that I keep…
I have tightened the comment section over the last month and finally closed all the loop holes that I could find. I really hope that this does not cause issues with readers, but the trouble can go somewhere else and play!
Comments from readers has never been a huge part of Windows to Russia and most people read and move on to other blogs without ever leaving a comment. I can get a lot of comments but I have to stir the waters so to speak and hit a sore subject with America…
Now lets talk about since I have switch domains that we lost half the readers right off the bat. This has come back and I have finally separated the two Windows to Russia’s!
Both domains have come back to a page rank of 4 with Google and have very respectable Alex ratings in the 200,000 range.
Anyone that is interested will find that we have a huge array of blogs that cover multiple aspects of Russia and more! It is easy to forget because Windows to Russia is the main blog, but we (Svet and I) put a lot of effort into several blogs…
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The deal is that to see all of what we do, you have to look at the photo blog, the video blog and Windows to Russia as one blog. They all have different articles and you are looking at over 4000 posts in just our Russian blogs.
Another thing you should do is to stop by and see Svetlana’s – Russian Video From Russia! (Link above) Google Russian Video and you will see her at the second or third spot on the first page!
Svet has worked hard many nights very late to bring you some fantastic Russian videos…
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This is a good article from a good news website that I feel compelled to let you have a read with. The upcoming election in Ukraine is really an important issue.

As America Meddles: “While most Americans are completely unaware of the fact that Ukraine is not only facing its worst financial crisis since its official inception, but Sunday’s election is being sold to its citizens as their only chance at fixing this crisis. Likewise, Americans are most likely oblivious to the fact that the current government is a puppet government installed by the USA. Unfortunately for the USA, and much more so for Ukraine, the puppet in charge was so inept that America could do little in Ukraine, while the people of Ukraine fell into a seemingly unending abyss.”

The Ukraine people deserve much better than what they have had to endure…

Windows to Russia!
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Looks like Georgia is having some media issues. It seems that the West Media is turning away from Sassy. I have been watching this develop for sometime and has accelerated since the EU report on the Georgian War:

Daniel Kunin, the American advisor, who has been working with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili in recent years, left the head of state.

“In recent times the advisor has preferred not to interfere in the affairs of the President of Georgia,” the VZGLYAD reports citing to the Rezonansi [Tbilisi newspaper], in each turn citing to sources, close to Kunin.

Saakashvili’s administration refuses to comment the message.

Kunin, American political technologist, was one of the closest people to the Georgian leader. His mother is the ex-governor of Vermont, and has good ties in U.S. political elite, the newspaper notes.

“Kunin was the chief advisor to Saakashvili and the connecting link with American authorities,” the Rezonansi says.

Then with in a week Georgia has had two TV stations taken off the airwaves:

Eutelsat, the European satellite company, disconnected the First Channel of the Public Broadcaster of Georgia, from the satellite, said Levan Gakheladze, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Public Broadcaster – Interfax. The same had previously been done with the First Caucasian Channel.

According to Gakheladze, no official reason was named.

“Meanwhile in Paris, where Giya Chanturia, the general director of the Public Broadcaster of Georgia, currently staying, in informal talks it’s said the decision was made under the pressure of Russian companies, i.e Russia,” Gakheladze said.

Also this one earlier:

First Caucasian TV channel, broadcasting from Tbilisi, yesterday was disconnected from French satellite, belonging to Eutelsat.

According to Zurab Dvalim the director general of the channel, from January 15th to 28th the First Caucasian was working in test regime, and was disconnected due to expiration of that term – BBC Russia.

The channel managers are conducting negotiations on terms of use with the French company, Dvali said.

He believes that the channel could be disconnected “not without Russia’s help.”

Dvali cannot rule out Moscow is exerting pressure on France to prevent it from extending the agreement.

The First Channel [broadcasting in Russian] started its work in Internet on January 4th, later it became available via satellite. Most part of information messages is devoted to Georgia, the rest – to news from Russia [in particular, North Caucasus] and the entire world.

The channel is based on the Public Broadcaster of Georgia. According to the idea of the Georgian side , the main audience must be national minorities in North Caucasus, the channel was available in all its regions.

I really think that Sassy and his ex Ukraine President – Buddy need to just go to another country and live happily forever after on the billions of dollars they stole from Georgia and Ukraine… (Maybe America?)

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

This image above is the line to a McDonald’s on the first opening day...

Another reader sent me a link of a subject that has to do with Russia. It was actually a very good article about McDonald’s and her 20th year anniversary in Russia! I do not give The New York Times much credit for capabilities to write the truth but in this case they did a good job. Andrew Kramer the author does a fair job off staying unbiased against Russia!

One thing that is for sure in Russia. Russians love their McDonald’s and McDonald’s is a booming business in Russia.
Svet and I always eat out on our excursions to the malls. In almost every mall you will find a McDonald’s. It will be nested in a food court along with 10 to 20 other eating places. The way to find the McDonald’s is just find the crowd of people. :)
A free standing McDonald’s is a disaster on the highways due to such high volume of business. We have one near us that is near a entrance ramp on to a big byway and the people will park all over the byway just to get to McDonald’s. We have seen it so bad that 3 out of 6 main lanes with be parking just to eat at McDonald’s. (Yes that is Freeway style road to Americans.)
If you have never experienced Russian roads then you have missed out on an experience of a lifetime. Russians will park anywhere! I mean anywhere to do anything. :)
I will say that I am impressed with McDonald’s in Russia. The help is top notch and Management is very well trained. The food is better than in America and I am not the only one that has noticed that. Friends of ours when they come can tell the difference in food quality…
By the way the reason that there has been such ado about McDonald’s lately in Russia is because Burger King has stepped on McDonald’s toes and entered the market here. Burger King is ready to do war and McDonald’s has to learn how to fight in Russia…
McDonald’s has been king for 20 years!
Windows to Russia!
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In Russia they say that people can not have a peaceful demonstration!
They say that the police always break it up and arrest people. (Always?)
The real truth is… Yes – you can have a peaceful demonstration and this was proven once again this weekend. In Kaliningrad 6 to 7 thousand people had an uneventful and peaceful protest. The protest was done within the guidelines and permits were gotten ahead of time. In Russia, time and time again there are peaceful protests that never get much, if any coverage!
This protest was over the transportation tax that Putin has upset many with in the whole country. This was the original issue that opposition parties quickly intervened and tried to turn in into a hate Putin issue…

Regardless of opposition manipulations most people in Russia roll their eyes when a choice few like to spout off to Western press.

There was a rally in Moscow that was not sanctioned and they had a hundred out of 300 arrested, including Nemtsov and Yashin, Other Russia leader Eduard Limonov, veteran human rights activist Lev Ponomaryov and Oleg Orlov, head of the Memorial human rights group. (To speak of ones who manipulate!)
In Moscow the common practice is to intentionally not get a permit or mess up the paper work as to not get a permit. Then hold your rally anyway. (By the way – All these illegal rallies are known about way ahead of time. The opposition parties spend everyday telling us when the next illegal rally is.)
So then the police intervene and arrests are made. That way you can get the Western press to notice better…
The big protest this weekend, verily raised an eyebrow in the Western press because it was peaceful and no one arrested for voicing their opinion!
Now the unsanctioned rally in Moscow made headlines everywhere… They love to get their picture taken with the cops, while being carried off and their face is frozen in a shear terror, help me they are going to kill me – Look! (They are great actors)
Ever wonder how these same guys who are arrested 40 times a year, get back on the street and stir up trouble time and time again?
Think maybe it is because as my Grandma said, “Only half of what you are told is true!”
Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.
PS: I know – which head line sells more papers? Peaceful Rally against Car Tax! or Moscow Arrests 100 People at Human Rights Rally! :)

I have written about the concept that “Russia plays Chess and America plays Checkers!” This is nothing new to you if you have followed my blog for years.

I found an article that plays that same theme. The problem with the article is that it is a Western scare tactic article. When you read it it is heavily swayed to a bias against Russia. It does touch upon truths about both sides and their techniques of playing the game. It relies heavily upon the evil Russian and bringing back the “cold war theme!”
When the cold war issue is brought up, it is always in the style of how Russia has not changed from the Soviet Union…
The one thing that J. R. Nyquist tries to push across is that Russia is so much worse than America or Europe. Also that Europe and America are helping to push Russia back to a dictatorship by their lack of policy! (Roll eyes at this point…)
I read this article and in between the lines it says very clearly: Europe and America are no better and no worse than Russia! He defends Europe with a contradictory statement such as

“[The Russian leaders] find support abroad, outside, among the states that are citadels of democracy, in the countries that actually make a big effort to protect freedom and democracy at home; but still, the totalitarian regimes find support there….”

How can you praise them for making such a “big effort at home”? While at the same time makes a statement that should make Europe proud:

“Under the existing system, it is very easy to buy off the European leadership. It costs very little, and is easily done, so it is not a problem to achieve results with this method in Europe.” In fact, Illarionov asks if the statesmen of any system can remain independent in the wake of sweetheart deals they cannot refuse to take. The Russians look at European politicians the way a shopper looks at goods in a store. They see one they like, examine the price tag, and pay the cashier. In fact, they use oil money, which allows them to buy whatever they see. Illarionov noted: “The largest export that Russia delivers is corruption. It’s not oil or gas, but corruption. And this is in greater demand than even oil or gas.” The politicians of Western Europe love corruption, because it makes them rich.” (Really, Bad Europe not bad Russia!)

But not to leave America out of the limelight,

“Illarionov speaks out boldly, and has warned American politicians that their policy toward Russia is worse than appeasement. In an article that appeared in the Washington Post two years ago, he characterized U.S. policy toward Russia as “enabling” dictatorship.”

I will expand this last statement above one step farther: Americans are in the same boat as the Europeans and Russian buys off American politicians. – Medvedev said before that Russia will buy You! (meaning America) Everyone thought he meant buy up all the companies – Not hardly!

America and Europe is as corrupt as Russia! Russia uses the power of greed to control. Does that make Russia bad? (America did it to Russia.. have we forgotten?)
Seems to me that this article is talking about America and Europe as if they are alcoholics and Russia is the Vodka! America and Europe want that vodka so bad that they take it at any price. I learned along time ago that you can not blame the liquor for no one forces you take a drink…
One last thought on this subject:

The West is asleep. A game of “divide and conquer” is advanced against us. The days of the NATO alliance are numbered. Russia has been buying politicians all over Europe, and if those politicians stay bought, there will be no one to oppose the Russian plan. America will then find itself isolated, economically vulnerable, and militarily inferior.

“Russia plays Chess and America plays Checkers!”

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

I had a good laugh at this article:

Russia tried to talk China into waging financial war on the US in 2008, as the country was mired in a mortgage crisis.

According to a forthcoming book by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, Russian leaders wanted the Chinese government to dump billions of dollars worth of bonds tied to ailing mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

That would have thrown the entities, which grease the wheels of America’s mortgage market, into a crisis and forced the US to spend emergency money on a bailout.

“The report was deeply troubling — heavy selling could create a sudden loss of confidence in the GSEs (government-sponsored enterprises) and shake the capital markets,” Paulson recalled in his upcoming book “On the Brink: Inside the Race to Stop the Collapse of the Global Financial System.”

If this is true then why does America continue to antagonize China? Looks like a big storm brewing in the future on trade wars with China.

Maybe China will take Russia up on her offer…

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

PS: Blame it all on Russia.


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