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Windows to Russia Recipes all in a nutshell…

I thought that I would get together some of the posted recipes that are on Windows to Russia. They are a big search engine item and if the numbers of people who have looked at the recipes are an indication. Then lots of people in America are trying to experiment with Russia style foods…

I think that is wonderful because the Russia food is really good and easy to make. Food is an important part of society in Russia and certain foods are for special occasions and things like that. Just as we have that potato salad for that Fourth of July picnic, so do the Russians for other occasions…

Just have a look through them and you will be sure to find something to tempt your taste buds…

Recipe From Russia: A Simple Borsch! (Yummy)

Recipe From Russia: Chanterelle Mushrooms and Sour Cream! (Yummy)

Recipe From Russia: Simple Russian Vinaigrette Salad!

Recipie From Russia: Here in Russia it is Shashlyk Time!

Recipe From Russia: Simply a Golubtsy!

Recipe From Russia: Simple Draniki! (Potato Pancakes)

Recipe From Russia: Simple Russian Chicken Hearts, Gizzards and Livers!

Recipe From Russia: Selyodka pod Shuboy (Dressed Herring) recipe!

Recipe From Russia: A Simple Delicious Pelmeni Recipe!

Recipes From Russia: The Simple Ground Meat Cutlet – Russian Style!

Recipe From Russia: Simple Russian Style Goulash

Recipe From Russia: Simple Cheese Rolls!

Recipe From Russia: Simple Vegetable – Fruit Paste!

Pickled Mushrooms: Recipe from Russia!

Recipe for Grechka: Russia’s Brown Rice (Buckwheat groats)

The Russian Potato is a Dessert…

The Christmas Eve, Sochivo recipe…

Recipe: Cabbage with Tomatoes Stew…

Salmon and Potato Salad… (mimoza)

Stroganoff a Russian Favorite…

Easy Salmon Cheese Soup Recipe from Windows to Russia…

Well not all of them but a bunch of them all together so that you can try to cook like a Russia… :)

Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia!

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